Zen in the Martial Arts

by Bill Stauter

Zen in the Martial Arts is a great intro book for people just starting out on "The Way". Joe Hyams, author, studied with Bruce Lee in Joe's driveway and they became close friends. This book is an intro to Zen and is a motivational tool for those who have done this for awhile or are just starting out.

What was most beneficial for me were the comments about not rushing just to achieve a goal. Don't worry about the next belt, how fast can I learn this form. Focus on what you are doing at that moment and don't live in the past or the future. Focus on the present.

People are so used to immediate gratification. Martial Arts don't provide that. It takes years of work and to truly enjoy it, you must focus on the journey, and not the destination.

Deb's Reply

Hi Bill many thanks for letting us know about Zen in the Martial Arts - it sounds like a great book and no doubt it will help many students to find their way along the martial arts path.

Thanks for your input we really appreciate it! :-)

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