ITF taekwondo patterns - your fifth pattern Yul Gok

Yul Gok is the fifth of your ITF taekwondo patterns.
You learn this form for your taekwondo blue stripe belt.

On this page

  • We tell you about the meaning and shape of the form.
  • And you can learn the moves from taekwondo patterns videos by Jaroslaw Suska (5th Dan).

Yul-Gok is a pseudonym of Yi I (1536-1584). He was also nicknamed the "Confucius of Korea". He was a great thinker and teacher. There are 38 moves in this pattern. This is a reference to his birthplace on the 38' latitude line.

This form includes front kick which you should do in the traditional way, striking with the ball of your foot.

It also includes 2 side kicks. With side kick good technique is much more important than height. It has taken Suska many years to get his kicks this high!

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