WTF TKD - fast, furious and exciting

WTF TKD is a lot about kicks.

It's fast, furious and exciting.

If you see sparring on TV where the players are wearing protective chest guards and head guards...

...then it's WTF taekwondo or world taekwondo federation taekwondo.

So if you want to be a future Olympic Champ you need to choose WTF when you decide on a club.

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In WTF taekwondo you learn to kick fast.

The emphasis is on raising your knee and relaxing as you throw the kick.

You get power through speed and good technique.

But taekwondo is not just kicks.

You also learn to punches and strikes using your hands and arms.

Most clubs also teach self defense and breaking.

It's an all round mind and body improvement course!

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The WTF taekwondo patterns are the taegeuk forms for kup grade or colored belt students.

The taegeuks have short stances to represent the upright, fighting style of WTF.

They gradually increase in complexity as you go up the belts.

In the early patterns you start with simple blocks, kicks and punches.

And gradually you build to doing simultaneous blocks and strikes and more difficult kicks.

The black belt patterns are called poomse.

For free taekwondo patterns downloads and written instructions head here.

The world taekwondo federation headquarters are in South Korea just outside Seoul at Kukkiwon.

Here is the main WTF taekwondo website

If you are serious about your taekwondo a trip to South Korea is a great and inspirational thing to do.

The Kukkiwon demonstration team are simply awesome!

You can read here about our visit to Kukkiwon taekwondo headquarters.

We think the WTF taekwondo logo is great. Here's some other great taekwondo logo designs.

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