World Martial Arts Academy

by D.Kehr
(Los Angeles)

WMAA in St. Louis is a multi location martial arts school focusing on TKD. My son and I used to train at the Oakville location until I became injured and had to relocate due to work. Grand Master Rho is a 9th Dan and is a superb leader in all aspects of training along with E.J. and Deanna Fitch both 4th Dan Masters his main instructors. They work well with children, teens and adults including those who are older and don't have the physical abilities younger adults have. The gyms are nice and comfortable without being over the top. Respect and technique are import to their teaching but so is building ones confidence and mental abilities. I would recommend WMAA to anyone in the St. Louis & St. Charles regions to stop in and talk to them about their training programs.

D. Kehr

Linda's reply:
Sounds like a great school. Having respect and technique are great models to seek out in a school, as well as the confidence and mental awareness. I also like the instructors abilities to adapt to old and young, a great combination you've found! Enjoy the journey with your son and thanks for sharing.

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