ITF taekwondo patterns - your fourth pattern Won-Hyo

Won-Hyo is the fourth of your ITF taekwondo patterns.
You learn this form for your taekwondo green belt.

On this page

  • We tell you about the meaning and shape of the form.
  • And you can learn the moves from taekwondo patterns videos by Jaroslaw Suska (5th Dan).

The shape of this pattern is like a capital 'I'.

It is named after the noted monk Wonhyo. He introduced Buddhism to Silla 686 AD.

At that time Korea was made up of 3 dynastys of which Silla was one.

Don't worry if your side kick is not as high as Suska's. Your best bet is to work on developing good technique at low level first - height will come later.

Here's 10 great tips to help you with remembering your taekwondo forms

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