Why Taekwondo?

by David Fiscus
(Houston, Tx)

When I decided to start attending a martial arts school, my goal was simple. Lose weight, re-gain flexibility, get a cardio workout.

I was already a member at the Bally Fitness health club, but was having trouble pushing myself hard enough to achieve my goals.

I discovered that they offered Total Martial Arts (TMA) classes. This meant that they offered the option of Hapkido or Taekwondo.

I chose Taekwondo for very simple reasons. I watched the Hapkido students train and they often went to the floor, doing tumbling exercises. For a 53 year old man that weighed well over 300 pounds, I was really very certain I could not go to the floor, then spring back up again.

As I watched the taekwondo class, I saw kicks that would be challenging to learn, but at least I would for the most part remain on my feet.

I still watch the Hapkido students, and marvel at the what they do for their belt advancement. But for me, taekwondo is a better match for what my body is able to do.

Deb's Reply

Hi David

Many thanks for sharing your decision making process with us. You make a very important point. As you say it's very important to consider your body and fitness level when you are making your choices.

For older students (which includes me) a throwing art like hapkido is more of a challenge. Learning to cat roll well is something I find particularly hard.

The standing arts like taekwondo are great for older students - the challenge often lies in the stretching...

Thanks again David - always good to read your contributions to the site

Deborah :-)

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