White Tiger Martial Arts Academy - Fresno, Ca. USA

by Ruth and David Rodriguez
(California, USA)

My husband and I enrolled our three children in Taekwondo over 21 years ago. Although they were reluctant to participate, it has benefited and enhanced each of their lives.

Our youngest daughter is successfully navigating through the ranks of our US Navy.

Our son is testing for his 2nd Dan black belt now that he has found time to balance work, training and family time!

Our eldest child, Delfina Rodriguez-Lucero, (and by far most reluctant) has taken her dedication to martial arts to an unanticipated level. In high school, Delfina juggled honors courses, student government roles, multiple academic/social clubs, church obligations and two varsity sports. Yes, we understood that she was busy, but friends of ours were enrolling all of their children at a nearby school so we jumped on the bandwagon.

Within a year she was a Junior Olympic Champion. By the time she graduated from high school she had a Taekwondo black belt and was teaching a martial arts outreach program for at-risk youth. By age 20, she had black belts in 3 separate martial arts disciplines! Delfina now holds 5th Dan black belts in Doce Pares Escrima and Hawaiian Kenpo. She will be promoted to 5th Dan black in Taekwondo in early 2011.

She and her husband, Antonio Lucero, fought on the US Stickfighting team in several world tournaments. Although to some their medals and trophies are viewed as their greatest accomplishments, Delfina considers her international friendships the true prize. In 2005, Delfina and Antonio opened their own school in Fresno, California. Within the first year, they had a World Champion Stickfighting student bring home 2 golds medals. She also accepted an invitation to teach in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The martial arts have been one of our best investments!

Deb's Reply

Hi Ruth and David

We get lots of stories from people in the early part of their marital art journey - but relatively few with a 21 year history!

It's great to hear how martial arts has benefited your children so much. You must be very very proud parents.

Many thanks for sharing your story of success.

Deb :)

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