What makes a good Black Belt being humble

by Barry W
(Charlotte NC)

After training for the past 17 yrs 5 of those while in the army. I am 27 now I am a 2nd Dan black belt. I have learned that there is always something new to learn.

A few months back I seen this kid a green belt looking to get his Blue Stripe. He did one of the most amazing kick combinations I have ever seen. So the people there said it wasn't anything he learned in class.

I asked him about it he said he made it up. He practiced it for six months until he got it down(trust me the combo was not an easy thing to do it took me almost 2 months to get down). I landed on my butt and back a few times. You have jump off one leg after landing for most of the kicks and the rolls.

He had seen other red and black belts doing some amazing kicks during our warm up before our class. We just do them for fun mainly. He wanted to show me and a few of the others that he wanted to train with us to gain all the knowledge he could. I told him we only are in the late class because it is the best time for us but I will ask he he could join.

Anyway a good Black Belt should know he/she can always learn something new and it doesn't have to be from a higher Dan or someone older. To have that much drive at 14 is amazing.

Keep your mind open even when your eyes are closed.

Deb's reply

Hi Barry

Many thanks for a great submission.

One of my taekwondo masters often says that he learns from his students every day - especially the white belts.

And yes keeping your mind open is vital for growth.

Thanks again Deb :-)

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