What are the things needed and values to be a good Taekwondo player or fighter

by 2nd Dan, Tabirao John Chris B.
(Las Pinas City, Manila, Philippines)

First of all the you need lots and lots of good training and hard work throughout life especially when it comes to Taekwondo.

Taekwondo is not just simply a hobby but of course it is a martial art. It is very complicated so what you need is dedication and hard work. You need to do what it takes to be good fighter.

Values are very important in Taekwondo. To be successful in Taekwondo you need to have values. That's where you get better in life and in Taekwond. Here are the values needed and their explanations:

Courtesy - Remember to respect your seniors or instructors. That's the first thing and an important thing to remember when you respect people the same will happen to you. People will give you respect.

Integrity - Always remember to be yourself even though you rank up or you became a black belt. Never give in to pride. Pride is something that will pull you down.

Perseverance - always aim high and strive for excellence. This value means to never give up. Remember that a big plant always starts in as a small plant. Keep trying until you get it. Be patient to grow and don't rush things. Just keep doing the a hard work.

Self-control - Always be calm at all times. If you give in to anger you will loose concentration and concentration is very important when it comes to sparring.

Indomitable-spirit - In this value you must learn how to face challenges and to face fears - stand up and do what is suppose to be done. Things will never change if you don't try so keep the fighting spirit level up.

Humility - And lastly be humble in what you learn or in what you are. It is very important to be humble to people and teach them the right way. Then if you are mistaken, accept it then change for the better. Let people teach you the right things then share it to others in what you learn from them.

Linda's reply
Thanks again for your contributions. Well said!

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