West Michigan Tae Kwon Do Association

by Mark D Good
(Comstock Park, MI, USA)

Grand Master Uhm and some of WMTKDA Instructors

Grand Master Uhm and some of WMTKDA Instructors

Grand Master Uhm and some of WMTKDA Instructors Grand Master UHM WOON KYU and JGM Good, Maria and Matthew 1976 First Black Belt Test 1989 Kukkiwon w/ Grand Master Uhm

Started in 1977 under the direction of Junior Grand Master Mark D Good (7th Dan Kukkiwon Registered). JGM Good now spends time teaching Instructors to be better at what they do and teaching the higher ranking Black Belts. Now 20 locations in West Michigan plus Kansas City and Rochester NY. Teach Traditional Tae Kwon Do as taught by Grand Master Tae Zee Park (9th Dan Kukkiwon Registered). GM Park is a direct student of Grand Master Woon Kyu Uhm who visited us November 2011.

We treat everyone with respect that they earn. Ask they show the same to others in and out of the Dojang (class room). You earn your rank with hard work, sweat, and effort. Not with good looks or money or connections. WMTKDA has 14 Master Instructors with over 350 students earning Black Belts under us.

We have had students compete Internationally. Spain 3 times, Peru several times, China 2000, Brazil, Australia, South Korea (Hanmadang 2 years), and Viet Nam. Won medals at all tournaments in Form and Fighting.

Tournaments in the USA from the East Coast to the West Coast and in between. Again with several Gold, Silver and some Bronze medals.

We have also traveled internationally for seminars.

Members TAE PARK TAE KWON DO USA / CHUNG DO KWAN (Headquarters Seoul, S Korea)

NO WAY ARE WE ASSOCIATED with Western Michigan Tae Kwon Do

web site: wmtkda.org email: mark@goodtkd.com

Linda's reply
Thanks for visiting our site.

I sounds like your school has a solid foundation and practice, especially with your international training and competitions. That's an invaluable experience to pass on to your students.

I love your picture from 1976!

Thanks for sharing,

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