by Saad Iftikhar
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Hi, my name is Saad,

I live in Pakistan. I am a red belt in taekwondo. I want to ask that are there any weapons used in taekwondo?

My taekwondo doesn't teach us to use weapons.

Linda's reply
Hi Saad,

There are traditional weaponry arts, for example, Kumdo which is a Sword Fighting style. It is not exactly taekwondo but a "Korean" weapon martial art style. It is taught and used for demonstration and competition as a form/poomse/pattern and sparring with protective gear in a safe environment.

The ancient discipline of Kumdo was very serious as it was how the Korean sword fighting warriors prepared for battle to save there families, home and country. The practice of Kumdo encompasses meditation, basics, patterns and cutting practice. It is a strong displine with deep roots in the original philosophy.

As a red belt I suspect part of your syllabus will start to include defence against weapons in addition to basic self defence technique. Also, as your artistry develops in your practice, you will become more creative in considering weapon use. Some examples of nontraditional weapons to be used in self defence are environmental objects, your belt and psychological strategies.

Good luck on your taekwondo journey!

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Jun 17, 2012
by: Tiago Costa

I couldn't agree more. Kumdo is a great way to get some weapon's training in your arsenal. Taekwondo derives from Karate which is an empty handed martial art. It is common however, that in some schools masters tend to include some weapon's training like knife or short stick. This is not Taekwondo. Short stick (or Jo) is a Hapkido thing (which is commonly practiced by may Taekwondo masters). There are also other arts that are specialized on weapons, such as Arnis Kombatan or Kali (both of them philipine arts). Keep in mind that Kumdo is a art that you practice for yourself, for your own self improvement. As it might not be "practical" to carry a sword around with you for protection. ;)

Linda's reply
Thanks Tiago for emphasising that weapons in martial art is typically for self improvement. Yes, sword wielding in public would be a poor misrepresentation of our practice!

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