water kick training

by kevin kreckel

first start with a good warm up

then stretch out good

enter a pool or a stream and go in to neck level.

do 20 0r 30 of each kick per set,
do 10 to 12 sets front side round kick
then add the jump kicks spin kicks etc...

water provides just enough resistance that it will strengthen and improve your technique
also speed and balance!

also trying to break the surface with jumping kick will improve your jumping ability as the water will try to hold you down!

Deb's reply

Sounds like fun!

I've never tried my taekwondo kicks in the water but I'm going to give it a go (once it warms up it's winter down here in Australia at the moment brrrr!)

Thanks for your input

Deborah :-)

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Jul 29, 2010
Nice Tip
by: David Fiscus

That is a really good idea. I can see also it would help you with your balance as you are learning some of the more difficult kicks. My school is at a health club, with a swimming pool and I practice my forms in it. Now I will try your idea and practice my kicking too.

Thanks for your tip.


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