USA Freestyle Martial Arts , San Diego, California, USA

by Mrs. Joan Irvine
(San Diego, CA USA)

USA Freestyle Martial Arts

USA Freestyle Martial Arts

More than 13 years ago, my husband and I decided to enroll our 3 sons in a martial arts program.

We had heard that USA Freestyle Martial Arts was among the most highly respected schools in San Diego and had been in business since 1986.

We realized very quickly that we had chosen a superior school with outstanding instructors who taught so much more than proper technique and form.

While observing our son's classes several times each week, we were constantly amazed and impressed as students grew confident and were developing great character skills right before our eyes! Even the most bashful students were demonstrating a "can do" attitude. (My own son was quite shy back then!)

We were inspired as well, and soon joined the adult class. Another good decision! We had fun learning the basics, self defense, and sparring techniques. Our fitness level improved along with our confidence.

The best part was practicing together as a family, and you can only imagine our dinner conversations! Throughout the years I have seen students of all ages and abilities achieve their personal goals, develop leadership skills, and enjoy more balanced lives. I am one of those students.

Our boys earned their Junior Black belts and are physically, mentally, and spiritually sound young men. My husband and I received our Black Belts together - a most special memory for both of us.

Sensei Darren Kikuchi , Sensei Jackson, Sensei Gerongco, Sensei Davis, and Sensei Clauson and all of the exceptional instructors at our school make a positive difference every day and bring out the very best in each and every student.

What makes my school so special?

Great programs, sensational instructors, and one thing that really matters- all students feel valued and appreciated!

Deb's Reply:

Joan this sounds like a great martial arts school. From what you say, USA freestyle martial arts is clearly a caring, family club and a lovely place to train.

Congratulations on your family's success - we understand how rewarding it is for families to train together- and we hope to be as successful as you one day!

Thanks for sharing your story, I'm sure it will inspire others.


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