Undisputed 3 Redemption

by Raoul

This martial arts DVD is about prison fights.

Eight Elite fighters from maximum security prisons are gather to fight each other in a competition. The competition is organized by a couple of big shot gamblers who seem to own the prisons. The first winner gets his freedom. The rest even though they don't know get shot.

The plot of the movie is good considering the prize for the fighters, freedom since they all got 25 to live for murder, its reason enough to beat your opponent to a pulp.

The moves displayed in this movie makes you wanna try some of them (i know i try some). All the moves look doable in real live. You might learn something from it...

...Check out Undisputed III: Redemption here

Deb's Reply

Hi Raoul

Thanks for letting us know about this martial arts DVD - it looks like an ultra-violent action packed movie.

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Dec 15, 2010
by: Tiago Costa

Undisputed 3 is actually a very good movie. The fighting sceenes are very believable and Scott Adkins is a great Taekwondo and Kick Boxing fighter, especially when it comes to aerial display. He can preform awsome stunts, and there some videos of him in youtube. :D

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