Taekwondo Tornado Kick - Time to Fly

Feeling acrobatic?

Want to learn one of the most powerful Taekwondo kicks around?

... then you're ready to learn the tornado kick, also known as the 540 kick as in 540 degrees!

Tornado Kick - Fast and Fierce

Here's a great video we took of one of our students training in Korea on the Tornado kick for inspiration. See written instructions below...

You may be asking what makes the tornado kick so effective.

Good question because Taekwondo has heaps of great and forceful kicks.

The tornado kick a combination of 3 techniques in one -

  • Full step forward
  • Full Spin Step
  • Jump turning (roundhouse) kick

Its probably a good idea to go back a review the spinning kick, jump kicks and turning kick before you go any further.

If you have a good understanding of the spinning kicks and jump kicks then keep on reading.

Tornado Kick Step by Step

First - Full step forward

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Start in your guard stance...

...for this tutorial, let's start with your right leg back.

Now, just take a full step forward with that right leg.

You'll notice your left foot is now in the back position like you are in a left leg back guard.

We don't want to stop here...

... this is just the first step.

This move starts your momentum for the spin.

Second - Spin Step

Your second move is looking over your back shoulder (that would be your left shoulder following the above move).

Your left knee will lift and advance forward as if you're going to step in front but you are actually going to keep your knee up.

Just to be clear, you will be rotating it to the left as you are starting a back spin step but you will not be dropping your leg.

Important... typically when you do a full spin step you drop your foot at the end of the full step but this spin step is different. You will keep your knee lifted and move it just past 180 degrees.

You want to point your knee slightly past the 180 degrees to open up your hips.

Now for the kick...

Third Jump Turning Kick (Roundhouse Kick)

While your left knee is still lifted and point slight out past the center of your body execute a rear leg (which in this situation is your right leg) turning kick.

Because of the momentum you will gain, your kicking leg will land in front of you once you finish your kick.

Here's a short technical video on the tornado kick below. This video explains the kick from step two starting with looking over your should to begin your spin.

An important thing to be aware of when you do this kick -

Always spin on the ball of your foot. If you find you are spinning on your heel - Stop!

Practice just the step and spin part until it becomes natural to spin on the ball of your foot.

Spinning on your heel can be a really hard habit to break. Getting your spin right now is so much better for your practice moving forward.

The speed of the tornado kick is what makes it so powerful!

In the beginning its good to practice slow.

As your techniques fall into place through practice - spinning on ball of foot, maintaining balance and posture, staying in air for the jump kick, you can speed things up.

Remember - Breathe, maintain posture and stay relaxed!

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