TKD...The vine forcing through the concrete.

by Kevin

2011. Glad its over.

I'm 42 years old and completing my residency in family medicine. Along with this great accomplishment, I've weathered a divorce and had cancer get a hold of my amazing mother.

Needless to say its a lot to take on at once. I was losing faith in the ability to be positive and optimistic about my future. I needed to find something that would uplift me, inspire me and really grab my interest back.

I woman I started dating had a teenage daughter in TKD. She asked if I'd like to come watch her class. Now I'm like a lot of guys who grew up with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris movies. I remember watching Bad Brad Hefton on the PKA tournaments on tv as well. So I went to the class.

Watching all these great kids and adults doing their thing, focusing, yelling and sometimes just laughing, really made me smile! But it was the enthusiasm and obvious dedication of the instructors that really grabbed my attention. So...I along with my girlfriend spoke with the Master and signed up!

We have only had our first class and I have to say I absolutely loved it! My girlfriend gets a real kick out of me (pun intended) because since signing up I've bought a stricking pad for home, shoes in case my feet get smashed and several books. I've already learned my Taeguek I form from watching instructional videos!

Anyway, finding this website was obviously perfect for me. I'm getting back in shape and moving forward with optimism once again. My MD was an amazing journey. My next will be a black belt in TKD. I'm reading the history, philosophy as well as other peoples stories of TKD. Thank you for this website. It is most appreciated!


Kevin, MD.

Deb's Reply

Hi Kevin

Awesome story! So glad you have found taekwondo and find this website useful. It's great you are training with your partner - you'll really enjoy sharing the journey.

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on

Deb :-)

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Feb 03, 2012
Good Move!
by: Anonymous

Key Kevin:) You should be proud of your decision to achieve your black belt! I too am 42 years old and started training in June of '09 - I test this April for my 1st degree black belt and can tell you with absolute certainty that this is a ride that you won't ever want to end!!!!!! I wish you luck with your training and keep us posted on how you're doing! And remember - the belt is a bi-product of the work!!

***bows*** Kris

Feb 03, 2012
The Right Move
by: David Fiscus


Congratulations on taking this first step into marital arts. I am certain you are going to experience even more than you dreamed. When I joined, I had heard of TKD, but really didn't completely understand all the benefits I would gain. I have made countless friends, and gained a measure of discipline over various aspects of my life. I have rediscovered a competitive spirit, and energized my life.

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