TAGB Taekwondo Club 2012

by Sharon Anne Bell
(Nottingham )

I have tried many clubs.

I had a go at kickboxing but I felt it was to aggressive for me.

I got picked on and bullied in the classes so I left for something different.

I then heard of WTF taekwondo and I joined in Hucknall but they pushed me which I did not like at all.

I now have joined TAGB taekwondo and have not looked back.

Why Takewondo has changed me?
I notice when I walked into the class I was welcomed right away.

I had people telling me who they were and ask why I chose TAGB.

I told them that WTF Taekwondo pushed me and wanted me to pay up front. I get nervous and scared in new places and I like to have some lessons before I feel I should pay,

TAGB Taekwondo keeps me fit and more focused. I notice I have a lot more confidence in myself. They let you take your time
and that I enjoy about the club.

I wish I had not gone to kickboxing in the first place and done Taekwondo but never found a club. Well I have now and never going to look back.

I love taekwondo as the kicks and patterns we learn are so cool.

Linda's reply
Nice story Sharon! Its great you found a taekwondo school that you can call home and find personal growth.

Its also good that you tried different things and had different experiences before you made your decision. Having that sense of belonging where you train will ensure you to stick with it:)

Good luck on your journey!

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