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, taekwondo kicks! Issue #001- Should Leah wear red?
September 03, 2009

what's new?...

first up get ready to stretch!

This month we've added great new stretching pages.

head here if you're determined to kick higher!

We especially like this page of advanced hip stretches we learned in Korea.

Korean hip stretches

how's your poomse?

We've also started work on the taekwondo patterns section. You can see Deb doing patterns on the beach!

There's lots more to do - and soon we'll be asking if any of you want to show off your poomse on our site.

in the meantime here's our patterns pages

well done Leah!

For a great performance in the NSW taekwondo state championships. Leah fought really well especially for her first time in the red belt category.

She dug really deep and showed true indomitable spirit. She came away with a silver medal and we are really proud of her.

was she wearing red?

Why do we ask?


...according to Britainís Telegraph, German psychologists just completed a study in which they showed clips of taekwondo matches to a group

of 42 referees. In the clips, one fighter wore red and the other wore blue. The psychologists then digitally altered the exactly the same videos by reversing the colors that the fighters wore.

In both rounds of clips the referees gave the same fighters an average of 13 more points(!) when they were wearing red, than when they were wearing blue.

Interesting! Although of course the new technology with sensors in players' chest protectors should help...(?)

...or maybe that's a discussion for another day ;-)

and finally...
...something to relax you

Korean yoga.

Check out this video- you might decide that yoga is not as relaxing as you first thought!

Korean Yoga

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Thanks and

Happy kicking!

Neil Deb and Leah

helping you grow through martial arts

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