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, taekwondo kicks! Issue #003- new look, belt tests, and taekwondo gear
November 03, 2009

What's new at

First up...'ll notice our site looks a bit different!

We've spent some time this month updating the look of We hope you like the new cleaner look!

We had great fun doing a photo session on the beach!

(If you've been on our site before you might need to press CTRL and F5 to force the page to re-load so you can see the new version.)

Would you like to tell your taekwondo story? You can now have your own page on our site!

Has taekwondo changed your life? Has taekwondo given you new confidence and new direction? Do you love how your training makes you feel?

Would you like to inspire and motivate others? Would you like to do this on your own web page?

Now you can! Just head to this new page on our site. Fill in your story. Upload a photo if you want. And before you know it you'll have your very own web page! Have fun!

(Just so you know there's no need for you to create a login or remember a password to submit your story)

Do you know what taekwondo gear you need?

We've written a number of pages this month about taekwondo gear. There's heaps of information about choosing, wearing and caring for your taekwondo equipment. We also cover sparring gear, shoes, kick bags, mats and pads.

Head here for the information you need to make the right choice about your gear.

All 3 of us are getting ready for our belt tests...

The nerves are mounting!

It looks like Neil Deb and Leah may all grade just before Christmas.

For Leah this will be a junior black belt grading- a great achievement for one so young! We are very proud of her.

For Deb and Neil it's a first kup grading- the last colored belt grading.

It's going to be a tough test for all of us and we're training hard!

Have you heard of Steven Lopez?

This month Steven Lopez won his fifth world taekwondo sparring title

This is a amazing feat. To win five world titles in taekwondo sparring takes huge perseverance and personal sacrifice.

We've put together a page about Steven's achievements here. The pictures show him wearing the new electronic chest protectors.

And here's our pick of the latest international taekwondo news stories

Having one leg doesn't stop you training in taekwondo

Former Malaysian national taekwondo heavyweight champion Sham Ch’ng Abdullah now 53, may have had his right leg amputated above the knee, but he still loves taekwondo.

Sham Ch’ng, landed the heavyweight title in 1975 – his only national crown. After that he tasted success at zonal level and open championships until 1984 when he took up coaching.

In his first year as coach, his charges managed to win three bronze medals and in the next two games Kedah won one gold, two silver and three bronze (1996) and one gold, two silver and one bronze (1998).

The overwhelming success in 1996 prompted him to go on optional retirement to set up his own training center.

Unfortunately for him, all his dreams for more glory almost came crashing down when his right leg above the knee was amputated in 2005 due to diabetes.

But the gritty and tenacious father of four did not give up the sport that he loved. With the help of his wife Noraini and children, he was back to coaching in 2006 and he continues to conduct training at his academy and the various schools and centres in Alor Setar and Jitra.

'Taekwondo has been my life since I picked it up about 40 years ago and nothing is going to stop me from being involved, not even the loss of a leg!'

We guess that shows what you can achieve if you're determined not to give up!

Learning a little self-defense in Grand Island

The Grand Island Independent reports how seventh-degree black belt instructor Vicki Neiman describes safety techniques during a self-defense class Wednesday evening as part of "A Week Without Violence" at the Grand Island YWCA.

During the first part of the class, the Vicki shared some personal safety tips such as be aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts, have your keys ready when walking to a car or house, let someone know where you are and when to expect you, and report suspicious activity.

Some of the tips, such as evaluate your situation for escape, could be applied to nonviolent situations, such as being in a theater when fire alarms ring.

'My sewing room is in the back and I don't want to come out and find someone,' she said. 'I'm a seventh-degree black belt, but even I don't like surprises.'

Neiman also told the group of mostly women to act confident even when they aren't. 'The appearance of confidence makes a person less likely to be a target for a mugging or stranger attack'. - Great advice!

And if you are attacked 'Make the decision to get away,' Vicki Neiman said. 'Yelling gives you more power.'- more great advice.

Community based evenings like this are a great way for people to start learning about self-defense.

You can also check out the self-defense section of our site.

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