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, taekwondo kicks! Issue #011- are all martial arts the same?
October 04, 2010

In this edition of taekwondo kicks!...

  • Are all martial arts the same?
  • Photo of the month
  • Your Contributions

Are all Martial Arts the same?

The obvious answer is of course they're not!

Some are about kicks, others involve more grappling and throws and some arts are weapon based.

So how could they all be the same?

It's interesting as we progress through our martial arts journey and try out different arts along the way we see some amazing similarities between them.

Over the past few months we've looked at hapkido, kumdo, kouk sun do and systema and while on the face of it they are all very different... we found the core values of each to be the same.

For us a good martial arts training starts with a great teacher and continues with the discipline and values which are at the core of the traditional arts.

We're not sure it really matters if you kick or hold a sword, because in the end it's about embracing the 'do' or 'way' of your martial art and living it every day of your life.

Photo of the month

We're constantly amazed by how many visitors from all over the world send us photos and stories about their taekwondo journey.

If was really hard to choose our photo of the month but in the end the prize home page position goes to Rahbarshakeel, of Chakkara Taekwondo, Kerarala India.

Your Contributions

Thanks to so many of you for contributing to the site over the past couple of months. As always... there's too many to mention them all in the newsletter.

Here's a selection of our favorite submissions.

Last time Matt sent us a photo he was a yellow belt. Now he's a green belt and clearly very flexible! Well done Matt.

Gorgan Razvan-Florin takes time to tell us about his full body training routine.

Sarah Darmanjian tells us how taekwondo training is changing her life for the better.

The debate over which taekwondo shoes are the best continues

And Doug Spencer joins the discussion about what makes a good taekwondo black belt.

Have Your Say...Join our Growing Community and Help Others

If you would like to join the growing community we'd love to hear from you.

It's easy and fun to get involved. Just choose a link, click to the page and start typing! You don't need a login and you don't need to give us your e-mail address.

Tell us about...

The great martial arts school you train in. Or the taekwondo belt colors at your club? Or the martial art experts who inspire and help you.

Do you have a favorite tkd photo? Is there a the story behind it?

Do you have a sparring video that will inspire others? Or would you like to make some comments about Olympic sparring?

Can you recommend martial art book or DVD or brand of tkd shoes?

Tell us the story of your martial arts journey. What do you think defines a good tkd black belt?

What are your best fitness training exercises. Could you inspire someone with your family fitness lifestyle?

Could you help someone with choosing a martial art?

We'd love to hear from you - and future visitors will thank you too!

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