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, taekwondo kicks! Issue #004- new patterns videos and sparring help.
December 01, 2009

What's new at

First up - 2 new kicks pages

Do spin kicks make you dizzy?

There's a great new spin kicks page on the site to inspire you. We show some fantastic footage from Korea of great spin kicks in action.

We give you some guidance to help you to start to learn the basic steps.

And we include an instructional video to help you with tornado kick.

Head here to start spinning like a pro!

Or do you prefer to jump for joy?

Our new page of jump kicks is just for you!

Again we include inspirational video footage from Korea, some great photos and some advice to help you to start out the right way!

Here's where you can jump for joy!

New Patterns Videos are now Live on the site

We've added four new WTF taekwondo patterns videos this month. And as always we include detailed written instructions to help you get the moves clear in your mind.

Head here for help with

We are also looking at adding ITF patterns and traditional taekwondo patterns.

Maybe you can help?...

If you train in ITF taekwondo or if you study traditional patterns in your club and you'd like to share what you know with others please get in touch.

And if poomse is not your thing...

...there are lots of other new ways You can help others.

It's easy to have your very own page on our site.

All you have to do is type straight onto a form. You don't even need to login or remember a password.

Here's some great ways to get involved and pass on your knowledge.

The story of Your martial arts journey so far.

The great martial arts schools You train in.

Your favorite tkd photo and the story behind it.

Your favorite basic tkd kick.

Your best tkd spin kick.

Your greatest taekwondo jump kick.

Your best fitness training exercises.

It's a great chance for you to practice the traditional martial way of passing on your knowledge to help others.

And we've added a whole new Taekwondo Sparring section to help you.

There's now a whole bunch of pages to help you with your taekwondo sparring.

We explain why sparring is good for adults and kids so you can understand why it's important for you to give sparring a go.

We explain the rules of WTF sparring and give you some basic tkd sparring video footage to look at so you can understand what's going on.

We give some great tips for sparring training and for tkd tournaments.

And we include an interview with Beijing Bronze medalist Sarah Stevenson - she gives some insight into the training you need to do to get to the top.

If you train hard... do you sleep enough?

This month Deb looked into sleep and athletic performance.

It seems that athletes need more sleep than the average person.

So if you want an excuse to sleep more head here!

And what else have we been up to this month?

Well we've been trying to train as hard as we can. Deb and Neil are grading in 2 weeks- so the pressure is on.

'Be as prepared as we possibly can' is our approach.

So we're getting to as many training sessions as possible. And trying to fit in runs, swims and self-defense sessions in between.

Deb has started to write a diary of thoughts while she makes her way along the taekwondo path. You might find something here to help you in your journey.

Our club Dan gradings have been put off until early next year- so Leah has a bit longer to wait before she takes her junior black belt.

And here's a run down of our favorite taekwondo news stories from around the world.

Obama Gets an Honorary Taekwondo Belt

U.S. President Barack Obama received an honary taekwondo black belt from Korean President Lee Myung-bak this month.

Obama practiced taekwondo for about four years in Chicago from 2001 while he was serving in the Illinois state senate. He reached green belt level.

Of course anyone can get hold of a black belt. You can buy one off the internet for a few dollars. But 'it's not the Dan it's the man'. It's the person inside the belt that matters- not the colour of the belt.

Aaron Cook beats Steven Lopez

Steven Lopez was knocked out this month by UK teenager Aaron Cook. Cook managed to pull off a falling double kick to fell one of sport taekwondo's greatest legends.

You can read about Aaron Cook here- including video footage of the knock out.

And finally...

...we love this local news story.

Emergency Doctor Clive Dreyer and his son William started taekwondo training together 5 years ago. They just got their black belts and look incredibly proud of themselves! And so they should- it's a great achivement.

We think training in taekwondo as a family is a fantastic experience for parents and kids. But we're not sure that we agree that taekwondo is more a sport for younger people...

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It's easy to help- just send your friends a link to a page you like and ask them to take a look!

And if you like this e-zine, please do a friend and us a big favor and forward it to them.

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Thanks and

Happy kicking!

Neil Deb and Leah

helping you grow through martial arts

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