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, taekwondo kicks! Issue #009- What Defines A Good Black Belt?
May 02, 2010

In this edition of taekwondo kicks!...

  • What Defines a Good Taekwondo Black Belt
  • The big deal with Yoga Stretching
  • Some new Self Defense Moves on the site
  • Taekwondo Story of the Month
  • Traditional Taekwondo Patterns
  • Book Review - The Indomitable Martial Art of Korea
  • Librarian makes Black Belt
  • Have Your Say

Defining a Good Taekwondo Black Belt

Is being a good taekwondo black belt as much about attitude as is it about skill? This month we take a look at the characteristics that define a great black belt. And we invite you to give us your opinions.

Will you recognise the taekwondo black belts you train with?

What's the big deal with yoga stretching?

Is yoga stretching just like any other stretching. Or is there more to it? Deb looks at the deep relaxation and calmness yoga brings and explains how this can help you with your martial arts training.

Find your hidden flexibility here.

More Self Defense Moves

As always we try to give you some new moves to work on each month. Here's some self defense moves you can add to your skill set. The photos are not static - they were taken during a high speed routine - this gives them authenticity and real impact.

Sharpen up your self defense moves here

Visitors Story of the Month visitor Sevastian Campos has submitted a fantastic story to our site. He has taken a deep look inside himself and fought a very personal battle. He shows great maturity as he comes to realize that his taekwondo journey is about his own self improvement and has nothing to do with how well anyone else in the Dojang is performing.

Sevastain's Story is Here.

Book Review - The Indomitable Martial Art of Korea

One of our visitors J Fraser has reviewed The Indomitable Martial Art of Korea by Grandmaster Dong Keun Park & Master Allan Schein. He has been training for 2 years and still refers to this book all the time.

You can read the full review here

Your Contributions

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site this month - it's fantastic that so many of you are prepared to take time out to help and inspire your fellow students. Here's a selection of our favorite submissions.

Tiago gives advice on choosing a martial art school.

David Explains how taekwondo quite literally rescues him.

And Kathy tells us what it's like to start taekwondo as a Grandma.

And finally a great news story...

A 54 year old librarian gets her black belt

A former library manager has proved she is no quiet bookworm as she celebrates achieving her black belt in Taekwondo. Much to the amazement of her colleagues, by night Shirley, 54, was busy training in taekwondo and not reading a book at home. (more...).

Do You Want to Have Your Say

There are lots of fun ways You can get involved and help others. You can have your very own page on our site and become part of the growing community.

All you have to do is type straight onto a form. You don't even need to login or remember a password.

Here's some great ways to pass on what you know.

The great martial arts school You train in.

Your favorite tkd photo and the story behind it.

Your favorite basic tkd kick.

Your best tkd spin kick.

Your greatest taekwondo jump kick.

Do you have a taekwondo sparring video that will inspire others?

What do you think defines a good tkd black belt?

And what do you think of taekwondo Olympic sparring?

Is there a martial art expert you want to thank and tell us about?

Tell us the story of Your martial arts journey.

Describe your best fitness training exercises.

What's your favorite martial art book.

Could you help someone with choosing a martial art?

Could inspire someone with your family fitness lifestyle?

Do you want to tell us about the taekwondo belt colors in your club?

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