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, taekwondo kicks! Issue #007- Want to make it to Black Belt?
March 01, 2010

In this edition of taekwondo kicks!...

  • Deb's ebook now on sale - special March discount just for taekwondo kicks ezine readers
  • Have you worn your Taekwondo White Belt recently?...
  • Kenyan Grannies Kick for their Lives
  • Be Inspired by new video footage of Korean Master Park Kil-Jun
  • Deb tries out a new Shoulder Stretch and learns a new Glute Stretch
  • Free taekwondo wallpaper for you PC
  • A new page of rape self defense tips
  • Deb decides what martial arts conditioning is
  • And 2 great new stories from you!
  • How you can get involved in our site

Deb's e book is finished and available on the site

Do you want to join the elite 7% who make it to black belt?

Deb's new e book 'Staying on the Path' is Your Guide to Martial Arts Success. (Foreword by Geoff Thompson).

Staying on the Path is a collection of short, easy to read, motivational chapters to guide you through your taekwondo journey. Deb draws from her own experience and includes inspiring stories from some fantastic taekwondo black belts.

With this book by your side you WILL go forwards with confidence!

And for taekwondo kicks e-zine readers only...

...A special offer. Order your copy before the 31st March 2010 and receive a whopping 25% discount. (Full price $9.99 US, Discounted price $7.49 US. You save $2.50!)

To get your discount Go to the order page and when prompted use the promotional code MarchKicks.

Once again this offer is only available to taekwondo kicks ezine readers. And it expires on 31st March 2010.

Have you worn your Taekwondo White Belt recently?

Deb put a dent in her learning the other day.

'I was working with a junior grade on hook kick. Nothing tricky just a front leg hook.

I did my 20 kicks on each leg. Got a decent sound on the target. Thought I was doing OK. And then it was my partners turn.

Bam! Her kicks were awesome! They were higher and more powerful than mine and her overall technique was far superior. I gave myself such a hard time!

The negative thoughts came thick and fast. "You're so useless! You're a higher grade you should be able to do better. She's a lower belt than you for goodness sake!"'

Read more here ...

Wonderful News Story - Grannies kick in Africa

This is our favorite news story this month.

In a markeshift dojo in Kenya 20 ederly women, barefoot and clad in shapeless dresses and headscarves, sit in a circle on a mat encouraging one of them who is hitting a punching bag yelling “Noooooooooooo!” Why?

Find out here!

New Video Footage of Master Park Kil-Jun

What does it take to become a great taekwondo athlete?

We've put together 2 new videos showing Korean taekwondo and hapkido Master Kil-Jun Park doing layout somersaults from a standing start and flying through the air to land with graceful break falls.

Master Park is an inpriational taekwondo athlete

Deb tries out a new Shoulder Stretch and learns a new Glute Stretch

Looking to increase your shoulder mobility? It's important if you want to maintain good posture into old age.

Here's some great shoulder stretch techniques with detailed instructions and photos

Or perhaps you're looking for a new glute stretch technique?

Here's a lovely relaxing and effective glute stretch that gives great results

Looking for Taekwondo Wallpaper?

Neil's had a bit of fun putting together a collection of great taekwondo wallpaper images to inspire you and make you smile every time you turn on your PC.

Download your free taekwondo wallpaper here.

Deb thinks hard about what martial arts conditioning means

Martial arts conditioning toughens you up. We all know that. But is it just physical conditioning or is there a mental component?

Deb describes a great taekwondo class and discovers more about martial arts conditioning

New Rape Self Defense Tips

We teamed up with Black Belt and self defense expert Lori again this month to get some great rape self defense tips fpr you.

Learn the basics of defending yourself here

And fianlly a couple of stories from you!

First up Lee who's taking up the challenge of taekwondo in his 40s. At the moment he's not in great shape but giving it his all.

You can read his story and spur him on here

And Tiago from Portugal tells us about the ups and downs of his martial arts journey as he sets off down the path again.

Would you like to get involved in our site?

There are lots of fun ways You can get involved and help others. You can have your very own page on our site.

All you have to do is type straight onto a form. You don't even need to login or remember a password.

Here's some great ways to pass on what you know.

The story of Your martial arts journey so far.

The great martial arts schools You train in.

Your favorite tkd photo and the story behind it.

The taekwondo belt colors used at your club.

Your favorite basic tkd kick.

Your best tkd spin kick.

Your greatest taekwondo jump kick.

Your best fitness training exercises.

The martial art experts who inspire you

Help us to keep helping you. grows through word of mouth. So if our site helps you - then please consider helping us by spreading the word.

It's easy to help- just send your friends a link to a page you like and ask them to take a look!

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If a friend DID forward this to you and if you like what you read, please subscribe by visiting taekwondo kicks sign up

Thanks and

Happy kicking!

Neil Deb and Leah

helping you grow through martial arts

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