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, taekwondo kicks! Issue #010- Movies, Black Belts and Matt Kicks Out!
June 01, 2010

In this edition of taekwondo kicks!...

  • Does Compression Gear Work?
  • Designing a Taekwondo Logo
  • How to use Taekwondo Patterns Downloads
  • Martial Arts Movies
  • Your Contributions
  • Have Your Say and Help Others
  • Taekwondo Teen Scales Everest

Could Compression Gear Help Your Training

Studies show that compression gear increases athletic performance, allowing sports-players to train for longer.

But is it any good for martial arts training?

We review compression gear for martial artists.

Designing a Taekwondo Logo

A number of clubs have asked us for advice about taekwondo logo design. To answer your questions we've put together a page of our favorite taekwondo logos together with advice on what we think works... and what doesn't.

Here's some help to find your perfect taekwondo logo.

Taekwondo Patterns Downloads

Lots of you ask us about the best way to learn patterns.

The simple answer is... it's not easy and ultimately time and practise are the way forward. To help a little with your questions...

Here's a page about how to use taekwondo patterns downloads

What's your Favorite Martial Arts Movie?

Do you love Kill Bill or Best of Best? Or is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon your number one martial arts DVD? We've had a bit of fun reviewing our top ten - will you agree? And if you don't... you can let us know!

Check out our top ten martial arts DVDs here.

Your Contributions

Thanks to so many of you for contributing to the site this month. As always... there's too many to mention them all in the newsletter.

Here's a selection of our favorite submissions.

Photo of the month - Matt Kicks Out!

Sevastian describes what a good black belt is to him.

Tiago reviews Kids from Shaolin and Best of Best

And Elisabeth tells us about the belt system at Bellinge taekwondo in Denmark.

Have Your Say...Join our Growing Community and Help Others

If you would like to join the growing community we'd love to hear from you.

It's easy and fun to get involved. Just choose a link, click to the page and start typing! You don't need a login and you don't need to give us your e-mail address.

Tell us about...

The great martial arts school you train in. Or the taekwondo belt colors at your club? Or the martial art experts who inspire and help you.

Do you have a favorite tkd photo? Is there a the story behind it?

Do you have a sparring video that will inspire others? Or would you like to make some comments about Olympic sparring?

Can you recommend martial art book or DVD or brand of tkd shoes?

Tell us the story of your martial arts journey. What do you think defines a good tkd black belt?

What are your best fitness training exercises. Could you inspire someone with your family fitness lifestyle?

Could you help someone with choosing a martial art?

We'd love to hear from you - and future visitors will thank you too!

Taekwondo Teen Scales Everest

And finally...

Remember we told you about Arjun Bajpayee the 16 year old school boy and taekwondo black belt who decided to climb Everest?...

... he made it!

You can read the full story here.

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