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, taekwondo kicks! Issue #005- inspirational stories and kicking help
January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Don't know about you but we can't wait get back into training to burn off the Christmas chocolate!

And if you need some inspiration to get you going...

...check out these 2 new taekwondo stories on the site.

Taekwondo 2nd Dan Joanna tells us how starting taekwondo training opened up a new world to her and gives her huge opportunities in life.

And Natasha tells us about the intimidation and fear she felt early in her taekwondo journey and how she is overcoming her fears in the Dojang on a daily basis.

And out on the web Deb found this great story of a lady who started martial arts training to improve her health and is now a 6th Dan black belt.

As part of her ongoing battle to improve hip mobility Deb had a go at pilates. You can see her doing some tortuous looking exercises here.

Lots of you asked us for tips to make your taewkondo kicks better. So we rose to the challenge and put together our top 10 tips to help you improve your kicks.

And Deb looked a little deeper at relaxation as a way to improve the speed and power of her kicks.

Photo of the month

On our home page you can see a fantastic photo of Carl Claassens dong full splits on the Great Wall of China.This level of strength and flexibility combined is incredibly hard to achieve.

Do you have a great taekwondo photo to share?

Do you want to see yourself on our home page next month?

It's easy and fun to get involved. Just submit your best photo and the story behind it here.

Good luck!

There are lots of fun ways You can get involved and help others.

You can have your very own page on our site.

All you have to do is type straight onto a form. You don't even need to login or remember a password.

Here's some great ways to pass on your what you know.

The story of Your martial arts journey so far.

The great martial arts schools You train in.

Your favorite tkd photo and the story behind it.

The taekwondo belt colors used at your club.

Your favorite basic tkd kick.

Your best tkd spin kick.

Your greatest taekwondo jump kick.

Your best fitness training exercises.

The martial art experts who inspire you

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Thanks and

Happy kicking!

Neil Deb and Leah

helping you grow through martial arts

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