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, taekwondo kicks! Issue #006- What inspires you?
February 01, 2010

In this month's edition of taekwondo kicks!...

  • Are Martial Artists Like Australian Gum Trees?...
  • Deb makes the finishing touches to her new e-book...
  • Patterns video of the month - be inspired by a 7 year old!
  • Details of a brave new taekwondo film
  • An interview with a top taekwondo sparring champ
  • New ITF taekwondo patterns videos on our site
  • A free e-book we like about emotional self defense
  • Easy ways you can get involved in our site

Are Martial Artists Like Australian Gum Trees?

We've just had a fabulous break in Australia's Snowy mountains. Seeing ancient landscapes largely untouched by humans fills us with awe. And... we now have huge respect... for gum trees!

Boy can they deal with nature's extremes!

They stand strong, clinging onto steep rock faces, in the face of roaring mountain gales. And at the same time they are willowy so they yield and bend with the wind's changing forces. They survive winter above the snow line. And then, when faced with a fierce bush fire that kills most things in its path, they sacrifice their bark and leaves to the fire before sprouting new growth from the stumps that remain.

Maybe martial arts teaches us to be like a gum tree?

Rigid strength is no use to a martial artist. Instead, through our training, we learn to be strong but soft at the same time. If we tense our muscles and stand firm to take a hit to our body... we take every pound of force from the blow and risk major damage.

But if we dodge the blow by moving our relaxed body out of the way. Or if we yield to the blow with a soft body. We take less force and reduce harm.

If our limbs are willowy like the gum, we can relax and allow our techniques to work. Our muscles can work efficiently to create fantastic power without 'forcing' the shot.

And like gum trees great martial artists learn to adapt to extremes. They are gentle and nurturing with children and junior grades. And yet they can turn on strength and aggression if they need to in the face of a dangerous opponent.

And when life strikes a martial artist down?

There is always our inner core of strength to turn to. The indomitable spirit that stays strong and keeps us fighting. So when adversity hits us, martial arts teaches us to dig deep, take stock and start rebuilding our lives.

Just as the gums sprout their new growth after the fire.

And the other reason for going to the Snowy Mountains...? that Deb wanted to take some time out to make the finishing touches to her new e-book.

The book, due to be launched in March, is about staying on the martial arts path. It's packed with help, motivation and tips to keep you inspired and working hard.

More details in our next taekwondo kicks ezine....

Video of the Month

We couldn't resist this one. Head to our new page about children's taekwondo and you'll find a fantastic video of 7 year old Jorn Tumrongwit from Thailand doing Poomse Koryo. Jorn is clearly a star in the making!

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Other new pages on our site

Are you studying ITF taekwondo? This month we added free ITF taekwondo patterns videos to the site.

Check out our taekwondo patterns page to find the form you are working on.

Are you interested in taekwondo fighting? We caught up with taekwondo 3rd Dan Carly Reasbeck this month and found out more about her 10 year career at the top level in taekwondo sparring. Carly shares some of the ups and downs of her career and gives some great tips for any budding fighters out there.

And if you're working towards your taekwondo blue belt here's some great tips to help you reach for the sky!

Brave New Taekwondo Film

Sarah Khoshjamal, a 20-year-old Taekwondo superstar, is the first female professional athlete from Iran to qualify for the Olympics.

A new film follows the her in the nine months leading up to the 2008 Beijing games. Living in an Islamic country, she is required to wear a hijab at all times and, unlike her fellow competitors around the world, cannot train with men.

However, according to the film's makers the power in her fighting resoundingly breaks down stereotypical barriers.

Learn more about Sarah and the new film about her here.

Free e-book to help you with emotional self defense

We took a sneak preview of a new free e-book 'The Narcissist: A User's Guide' by Betsy Wuebker and Lori Hoeck. It's a good read if you want to understand more about emotional self defense.

It's launched on Feb 2nd here.

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