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, taekwondo kicks! Issue #008- Leah Makes Black Belt
April 01, 2010

In this edition of taekwondo kicks!...

  • Leah makes it to Black Belt
  • Do you struggle with your Taekwondo Board Breaking?
  • Do You Know What Hapkido Training Involves?
  • Are you clear about all the different Taekwondo Styles?
  • Traditional Taekwondo Patterns
  • Your Contributions
  • Indian Taekwondo Teen to Climb Everest
  • Getting Involved

Leah Makes It To Black Belt

We are incredibly proud of our daughter Leah. Last Sunday she came through a very tough grading to get her taekwondo black belt. Most adults fail to make it. And even less kids stay the course. So it's a massive achievement for an 11 year old.

Here's more about her Leah's journey to black belt including some great photos.

Do you struggle with your taekwondo board breaking?

Board breaking is a test. It's a test of you and a test of your taekwondo. Lots of people feel real fear when they face the board.

If that's you we've put together a page of tips to help you smash through your taekwondo boards with power.

Do You Know What Hapkido Training Involves?

Hapkido is another Korean Martial Art. As well as kicks there is great emphasis on locks and throws so it's an excellent option to complement your tkd if you want to improve your close-up work.

Here's an insight into hapkido training

Are you clear about all the different taekwondo styles?

Do you know the difference between ITF and WTF taekwondo? What about Tang Soo Do and Moo Duk Kwan and Chung Do Kwan taekwondo?

If you want to know more about taekwondo styles it's all here.

Traditional Taekwondo Patterns.

Are you studying the traditional Pyun Ahn patterns? We asked one of the red belts at our club to perform them slowly for us so you can follow the moves on a new set of free video downloads.

Head to the taekwondo patterns section of our site for more information.

Your Contributions

Thanks to so many of you for contributing to the site this month. There's too many to mention them all in the newsletter to here's a selection of our favorite submissions.

Christian tells us about his favorite kick - tornado kick.

Sevastian's favorite is roundhouse.

Tiago describes a belt system used in Portugal.

And Lee tells us more about his taekwondo journey.

Indian Taekwondo Teen to Climb Everest

16 year old school boy Arjun Vajpai is about to make a bid to become the youngest Indian to reach the summit of Mount Everest. His family are beind him all the way - they have worked tirelessly to raise the money Arjun needs to make his climb possible. No doubt the spirit he has developed through his taekwondo training will help him to cope with the tougher parts of the assent (more...).

Would you like to get involved in our site?

There are lots of fun ways You can get involved and help others. You can have your very own page on our site.

All you have to do is type straight onto a form. You don't even need to login or remember a password.

Here's some great ways to pass on what you know.

The story of Your martial arts journey so far.

The great martial arts schools You train in.

Your favorite tkd photo and the story behind it.

The taekwondo belt colors used at your club.

Your favorite basic tkd kick.

Your best tkd spin kick.

Your greatest taekwondo jump kick.

Your best fitness training exercises.

The martial art experts who inspire you

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It's easy to help- just send your friends a link to a page you like and ask them to take a look!

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Thanks and

Happy kicking!

Neil Deb and Leah

helping you grow through martial arts

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