Are you a taekwondo white belt? We'll start you in the right direction

Congratulations! You've taken that first step.

You've joined a club. Got your uniform. And your taekwondo white belt

You've started your taekwondo journey

What will taekwondo bring you?

Well...train regularly and it brings you good things. Fitness. Strength. Flexibility. And mental toughness.

You gain self-confidence. And your self-esteem gets a boost. You make new friends. And a whole new world opens up to you...

At least that's what's happened to us!

how to approach your tkd training

taekwondo white belt,beginner taekwondo,taekwondo

We think a taekwondo white belt should bring two things to class with them.

An open mind.

And a positive attitude.

That's it. Just those two things.

Then we suggest you go with it.

Enjoy the journey. And have fun!

We loved being taekwondo white belts. We loved being at the back of the class. With people in front of us to follow.

And no-one expected anything of us. So we could just watch and learn and soak up the information. Like sponges.

Sure we were on a very steep learning curve. And sometimes it all felt a bit overwhelming.

We were so badly coordinated. And we thought we'd never get the patterns right.

But in time we realized there was no need to panic. Our instructor told us we were doing just fine.

And so we just kept turning up for training.

And plugging away.

And eventually taegeuk il-jang stayed in the brain!

Our advice to you if you feel overwhelmed?

Don't worry. Just do your best. Have fun. Don't take it all too seriously. Make friends.

And remember this...

...there is no rush!

You've got the rest of your life to get good at taekwondo. And believe us it'll take a while!

take time to learn your basics

taekwondo white belt,beginner taekwondo,taekwondo

Most schools start by teaching some basic taekwondo moves. You learn the right way to punch. A few blocks. Some stances.

And of course because it's taekwondo- you learn some great taekwondo kicks.

Our advice is take your time with these basics.

Pay close attention to each little detail. And try to get your technique as close to perfect as you can manage while you are a taekwondo white belt.

If you can find time to practice in front of a mirror at home. That's great. It will help you to see if your body is in line. And check your punch is coming out straight.

We think if you can get the taekwondo basics right at this stage that's great.

Because. If you do a technique badly.

And keep on dong it badly.

Until you're perhaps a green belt.

And you have to fix it at that stage.

It's much harder to unlearn what you've been doing.

And re-learn the right way.

It's best to try to do it right from the start.

try to listen to your body

At first taekwondo hurts! The exercise is tough. And the kicks are hard.

Your muscles ache. And your body screams at you to stop.

We advise you listen to your body. You do need to push yourself....

...but within reason.

We suggest if you start to feel dizzy. Or light-headed. Or if you get pain in a joint. You should stop and take a break.

It takes time to build taekwondo fitness. But if you stick with it. Your taekwondo fitness will come. And the classes will get easier.

We think that the last thing you want to do is take that difficult first step. Start taekwondo training. Begin to make some progress.

Then have to stop for a few weeks with an injury you could have prevented had you taken things a bit more slowly.

try as hard as you can with the stretching

Being flexible really helps your taekwondo. So if you're not flexible?...'ll need to work on it.

Again there's no great rush. But try to make regular stretching a habit.

Here's some great stretching techniques.

how often should you train as a taekwondo white belt?

How often should a taekwondo white belt train?

There's no right answer to this. And everyone is different.

We would say that for a complete beginner. Between one and two sessions each week is usually OK.

Many people make the mistake of over-training at the beginning. They have an unrealistic schedule.

And they find that they can't keep it up.

And then they quit.

So set yourself a realistic schedule. And then stick to it.

And most important of all.

Enjoy your taekwondo!

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