Your Taekwondo Uniform wear it well! Here's how you choose, wash and iron your Dobok

On this page we guide you to the right size and style of taekwondo uniform for you.

We advise you on wearing your dobok- including which side to sew badges and what to do with the elastic.

We explain you how you care for your dobok.

And we talk about how to be smart and well presented in the dojang.

Some doboks are sized in centimeters. The size should roughly correlate with your height.

So a tall man might need a size 200. An average lady maybe a 170. And a ten-year-old like Leah is in a 150.

Other uniforms are sized in figures like 00. The dobok sizing chart below will help you get the right size for you.

Size Height cm Weight kg Waist cm
000 104-116 16 46-68
00 114-127 23 50-74
0 124-136 32 56-82
1 134-148 41 64-92
2 145-158 54 70-100
3 155-166 68 76-106
4 165-179 77 80-114
5 175-188 86 84-122
6 185-199 100 90-128
7 195-207 109 96-134

When you try a tkd Dobok for size look at the length of the trousers. For us the best length is when the hem is just below the ankle bone. This means the bottom of the trousers is not on the floor.

We find if the Dobok legs are too long they can get caught underneath your heel and it's easy to trip over.

If you are choosing a Dobok for your child, and you want to buy a bigger size because they are growing quickly, you can turn the waist of the trousers over to make the legs a little shorter.

As a beginner most schools like you to wear a plain white dobok.

If you're looking for a great value basic taekwondo uniform we like this one from Tiger Claw. It's absolutely good enough for starting out or for fast growing kids.

Or if you want to go for higher quality Adidas do a great uniform in plain white and black V neck. This uniform is lovely and crisp and makes a great snap when you perform your techniques.

Taekwondo uniforms with black collars, or black trim around the hem of the top (in ITF taekwondo), are usually reserved for black belt students - don't buy one until you are a black belt unless your instructor says it's OK to wear one.

Colored Doboks (ie not white) are not usually OK unless you are a black belt.

how to wear your taekwondo uniform and what to do with the elastic

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For your taekwondo uniform trousers, the label inside goes at the front. And there is a string cord you can use to tighten the waist.

The modern dobok tops go over your head like a T-shirt. And there's usually a piece of elastic attached.

The idea of the elastic is that it pulls the dobok top in at the back of your waist.

The elastic goes round your front underneath the front flap of the dobok. And attaches to a button on the other side. You need to make sure that the elastic is hidden underneath the front flap of your dobok top.

Most instructors hate to see bits of elastic dangling down. So you need to be sure to attach it securely to the button.

We have found it's often easier and perfectly OK just to cut the elastic off.

It's OK to wear a plain, white, round or v-necked top underneath your tkd uniform. Dri-fit compression gear is ideal because it stays dry however hard you train.

how to sew badges onto your tkd uniform

You might be asked to sew a club badge onto your dobok.

Our advice?

Sew carefully and neatly and take you time. Match the thread color. Ideally use a sewing machine.

Sew the badge onto the left side of your dobok top.

In our experience taekwondo instructors hate to see badly sewn on badges.

If you want to sew badges other than your club badge onto your dobok ask your instructor first!

Here's how to wash and iron your taekwondo dobok

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Your taekwondo uniform needs washing after each training session. A warm or cold wash is fine.

We tried a hot wash once. This was an expensive mistake! All the black lettering on the back ran into the white doboks. And left a grey sludgy mess on the back of our uniforms. Oops!

We know it's a pain but you do need to iron your doboks. It is not good to arrive at class in a creased uniform.

Iron the trouser legs flat. So the creases are at the side of the leg not the front.

Iron the top like a T-shirt with the creases running down the outside of the sleeves.

Have a good look at any lettering on your dobok top. If it's embroidered it's fine to iron over. But if it's a plastic transfer type logo, you'll need to turn your dobok top inside out and iron it on the reverse.

Oh and just a reminder. Never, ever wash your belt!

your general appearance in the taekwondo dojang is very important

Tie your belt properly. Tie your hair back if it's long and take off all jewelery.

Check your toenails and fingernails and short and your feet are clean.

OK so now you're all set!

Your taekwondo uniform fits perfectly and is beautifully ironed. The badge is sewn on right. Your personal appearance is spot on.

And there's only one thing left to do.

Have fun Kicking!

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