Taekwondo Turned my Life Around!

by Aidan
(Norfolk, United Kingdom)

I started Taekwondo about 3 and a half years ago! I was 16. Exercise was a dirty word! I joined a gym because the office I worked in didn't have enough car park spaces. When I joined I got given 2 free P.T sessions.

Well, the P.T and I got chatting and he asked if I was into any sports. I mentioned I'd dabbled in kick boxing at uni, but that was it (and as far as I was concerned it would probably stay that way!) He said he was a 2nd Dan in TKD and asked if I fancied trying it for my second session with him? Well, why not I thought. What can I say? I was hooked! Those last 3 stone fell off, and what's more I was enjoying it (a few bruises, ego as much as anything else, but hey that's part of the sport!)

He wants me to try for 1st Dan around November 2013... not sure I'm ready, but I'm sure he'll get me there! I love it so much I want to start helping him teach when I hit 1st Dan!

Oh, but if anyone has ANY helpful hints about board and block breaking, please let me know! I always break something, but it's usually my skin! :)

Linda's reply
What an inspiring story Aidan. It sounds like you were in the right place and the right time that your PT instructor just so happened to be a TKD instructor!

Keep us posted on your training to BB, the big day and your journey into leadership and teaching.

There are other stories on our sight referencing boarding breaking if you browse around. However, if your technique is correct, you will break the boards! Breathe, relax, visualise but don't over think it. Those who don't practice think we muscle our way through boards. However, understand it's actually speed, twist, using your whole body (especially your hips and energy from the ground) to break your board.

Sounds like you have an excellent instructor that will help you though.

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