top taekwondo training tips for beginner taekwondo students

On this page we give you general taekwondo training tips.

We help you with basics, sparring, patterns, stretching and fitness.

And there's links to more detailed information on the rest of our site.

approach your training with the right attitude

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The first of our taekwondo training tips?

There's no getting away from it. Taekwondo is tough.

And to succeed. You need a positive, determined attitude.

And you need to give 110% to every training session.

And it's very important that your determined mind is also... open mind.

If your mind is full of pre-conceived ideas of what taekwondo is. Or if you've trained at another school and have very definite ideas about how things should be done.

Then your mind could be full up. And then it's harder for you to learn.

So one of our best taekwondo training tips? Is to park your ego firmly outside the taekwondo dojang door.

Right next to your problems!

take your time to learn your taekwondo basics well

The next of our taekwondo training tips?... that slow and steady wins the race.

Or maybe we should say slow and steady wins in the end.

Because training in taekwondo is not a race at all.

It's a personal journey.

A long and sometimes difficult journey.

When you start training in taekwondo you learn the basic taekwondo moves first.

These are the foundations on which you build the rest of your taekwondo.

If you never master your basics. Then your taekwondo patterns will never be good. And your kicks and strikes won't work.

Just like if you don't build decent foundations for a house. It falls down.

tips for learning your taekwondo patterns

These taekwondo training tips might help you if you struggle to learn your taekwondo patterns.

As you go through the taekwondo form. Think about what you are actually doing with each technique.

Imagine someone attacking you with a turning kick. And then you can imagine your defense. With a low block and then a punch. As in taegeuk e-jang.

Another of our taekwondo training tips is visualization.

Close your eyes. And see yourself doing the pattern.

Pay attention to every little detail.

here's 10 tips for remembering your taekwondo forms.

tips for taekwondo step sparring

And here's our taekwondo training tips for three-step and then one-step sparring.

At first these exercises can seem a bit daft because they are so formulated. But they are a great way to get started with taekwondo self-defense.

At first work on your evasion. Practice stepping out of the way of the attack.

Then try to lock one or two sequences in your head. Practice them over and over.

And you'll shine on belt-test day!

tips for full contact sparring

taekwondo training tips,beginner taekwondo,taekwondo

Now our taekwondo training tips for full contact sparring.

Taekwondo sparring is a test of your taekwondo. And a test of your spirit.

Most people find sparring tough. Even if they don't show it.

After all. It's not easy to stand in a ring. And face someone who is trying to kick and punch you!

So if the thought of full contact sparring terrifies you. You're not alone!

We think it's very important to have a go at full contact taekwondo sparring.


Well. You can learn fancy kicks. And clever hand techniques. And complicated poomse.

But if you've never faced physical confrontation.

You might find that you can't stay calm enough to think under pressure. And that you just freeze up.

And your flashy techniques are no use to you.

If you get chance to do a sparring competition. It's a great opportunity. Take if you can.

And if at all possible. Do a competition early in your taekwondo training. While you're a yellow belt or less.

If you wait until you're a blue belt before you do a sparring competition . You could face a really experienced opponent in your first bout.

But as a taekwondo white belt. There is no pressure. No-one expects anything of you.

And the chances are that your opponent will be pretty inexperienced too.

tips to help you streeeeetch!

Here are our taekwondo training tips for taekwondo stretching.

If you're already flexible as a beginner taekwondo student. We're jealous! Very jealous!

Being flexible makes taekwondo much, much easier.

If you're not flexible. Then you'll have to face the tough challenge of getting flexible.

Take stretching seriously from the beginning. And try to work on your stretches at home.

Ideally you would stretch your whole body each time. But if your time is limited. The most useful areas to work on are your hamstrings. The groin muscles. And your hip joints.

Static stretching with no bouncing is most effective.

head here for stretching techniques

and your taekwondo fitness?

taekwondo training tips,beginner taekwondo

And our taekwondo training tips for taekwondo fitness?

If you can work on your fitness outside of training that's fantastic.

Running is great for building aerobic fitness. This means keeping going at a medium pace for a long time.

For taekwondo it's also important to work on anaerobic fitness. This is exercising at very high intensity in short bursts.

A great way to do this is by interval running.

there's more details in our taekwondo fitness training program.

what the best taekwondo training schedule?

And the last of our taekwondo training tips? Is about working out a taekwondo training schedule.

We think that it's important to work out a schedule that fits in with the rest of your life. And with your current fitness level.

And then. To try stick to it.

If you are new to exercise. Then for the first month or two, while your body gets used to it. We think that training once a week is fine.

You make progress. You enjoy your training. And you don't overdo it.

Once you get fitter?.... can train more often.

You'll probably find that you move up to twice then three times each week.

And another of our taekwondo training tips? Try to find ways to stick to your training schedule!

It's so easy after a long day at work.

When it's wet and cold outside.

To shut the door of your cozy home.

And to stay on the sofa all evening.

That's the time when it's important to find the will-power to turn around.

And get yourself back out of the door again!


...the best of our taekwondo training tips is simple!

Turn up for training!

Turn up every week.

Week in. Week out.

Because all the time you turn up for training.

You get better.

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