Taekwondo to the rescue Part II

by David Fiscus
(Cypress, Texas)

Me on the left, and Grand Master Choi in the middle

Me on the left, and Grand Master Choi in the middle

It is hard for me to believe, today I earned my Black Belt in Taekwondo.

It seems like yesterday that I first shared my story on this wonderful website. My transformation has been incredible.

I have lost 75 pounds, I am down 10 pant sizes, I feel like a new man. I could not do a single sit-up or push-up when I started 3 years ago. 2 weeks ago I passed a stamina test required before I could test for my black belt.

I sparred 4 rounds, did 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 50 squat-thrusts, 50 deep knee bends, 350 knee strikes, 100 kicks, sprint from side to side of the room bending and touching the floor as I reached each side. Then I had to immediately run 5 kilometers. We were pushed mentally and physically to the point of breaking, but encouraged all the time to not quite.

My wife shouted encouragement during each event, and on each lap on the track. Without her support, not only during the testing, but for 3 years of training, I could not have achieved this goal. I was a wreck for 2 days, but then I was back reviewing all tae-geuk forms, kicking combinations, and one-step sparrings.

I practiced before work, after work, went to class 5 times a week for 2 weeks, practiced every night for hours. It all paid off today, when the grandmaster presented me with my black belt. This was the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. I am 55 now, and still over 300 pounds, but feel 20 years younger. I recently had a physical examiniation by my cardiologist, including an angio-gram.

Because of a strong family history of heart failure, I was very concerned, but determined to deal with it. But I never expected to hear what the Doctor said to me. He told me, "I almost never get to give anyone this, but David, whatever you are doing keep it up, because you have the heart of an 18 year old man."

I was stunned, but pleased, and I told him I owed it all to Taekwondo. I am now in better physical condition than my wife, who is 25 years younger than me. We are trying to have children, and I am determined to live as long and healthy a life as I can, so I can be the best Father and Husband as possible.

Thank you Taekwondo, without it, this story would not have happened. I am going to rest for a couple weeks, then I start training for my 2nd DAN.

David Fiscus

Deb's Reply

Congratulations David - that is a wonderful result and you deserve your success.

You have been a great contributor to the site over the past couple of years and I know you inspire others with your stories. Thanks for that.

Good luck with your goals in 2012

Deb :-)

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Jan 10, 2012
by: vinsky

Hello David! I'm so glad you took the time to post your story. I'm 42 and am doing an introductory TKD class tomorrow night. It will be my first. I recently lost 40lbs. and am wanting to apply myself to something with fitness and self empowerment and discipline. I'm so excited but concerned with my age and my complete lack of flexibility. I'm currently finishing my residency in family medicine so I'm used to getting a late start in big accomplishments! I sincerely want my next big achievement to be a black belt in TKD. You have inspired me! Thank you. Any words of wisdom or encouragement from someone like you would be greatly appreciated! Congratulations!

Dec 21, 2011
by: Mike

David that is fantastic news, even though i'm new to this site i find it excellent in it's quality of information and the people contributing to the blogs embody the spirit of martial arts. Your test sounds like it was something that you will never forget, i share your excitement. Job well done.

Dec 19, 2011
Thanks Deb
by: David Fiscus

I would be remise if I did not thank Deb for maintaining this website. I have used the forms videos every step of the way. Performing them in a slower way has been so helpful. I have seen videos from other sources and they do the form so fast I had trouble following. The videos buy taekwondo helped me learn my forms faster and better.

For those that don't know, Deb is also an author, and I encourage anyone to buy her book.


David Fiscus (proud new black belt)

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