taekwondo sparring - are You up for the challenge?

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  • we explain the benefits taekwondo sparring can bring you and your kids
  • we cover the tkd sparring rules
  • we give you help with taekwondo tournaments
  • and we give you some great sparring tips to help you on your way

What could tkd sparring do for you?

taekwondo sparring, taekwondo

There's no getting away from it.

Going into a ring and facing an opponent who is trying to kick and punch you...

...is frightening

...really frightening.

Your palms go clammy.

Your heart races.

And you mouth goes dry.


...why put yourself through it?

Because the tkd sparring benefits are potentially massive

...that's why!

And once you give it a go...

Here's our top ten tkd sparring tips to help start kicking right and keep kicking right.

We've also put together a tkd sparring video showing some great basic moves you could try.

Are you wondering if tkd sparring is right for your child?

Make the right choice here. We tell you how tkd sparring could benefit your child.

Are you thinking of entering a sparring competition?

It's important you know the rules if you're thinking of competing

Here's our simple guide to the rules of wtf sparring - you'll soon know exactly what's happening.

And if you do enter a competition? Here's some great advice to help you on your big day.

And here's some help with choosing your tkd sparring gear.

Maybe you're looking for some inspiration and motivation?

We were inspired beyond measure on our Korean taekwondo tour.

Here's our experiences of Korean taekwondo sparring.

Or maybe you're dreaming of future Olympic glory in taekwondo?

Here's some great tips and guidance from top level taekwondo player Carly Reasbeck.

Or Steven Lopez might be a good role model for you.

Or you might be amazed by the brilliance of Aaron Cook

And we also catch up with Beijing Bronze medalist Sarah Stevenson

And speaking of taekwondo in the Olympics...

Do you enjoy watching it?

Do you think taekwondo has a future as an Olympic sport?

Let us know your views here.

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