taekwondo sparring video - learn some sparring basics here

On this page we show you some taekwondo sparring video footage from the NSW State Championships.

And underneath the video we explain the action in detail so you can start to learn some great basic techniques to move you forwards with your taekwondo sparring.


Part 1 Kicking in Defense

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Watch the competitor in blue.

See how he shifts backwards to successfully evade the first two kicks?

The important point to note is that he doesn't just move back and do nothing.

He shifts back and then kicks to score twice in quick succession.

To do this well you have to learn to shift and keep your weight balanced between both feet.

If your weight goes onto your back foot when you shift back it's hard to kick quickly with your back leg.

Part 2 Punching in Defense

Again watch our friend in blue.

The timing of the defensive punch is great because he breaks his opponent's rhythm. (He could have capitalized more on this opportunity more but that's easy for us to say watching!)

To move forwards and punch takes courage but it can be a very effective technique when it's done well.

Part 3 Defensive Push Kick

The red competitor starts to move forwards.

(He's not as confident as he was earlier in the bout because he's realized his opponent is good!)

The blue competitor shows great timing to use his push kick off the front leg to stop his opponent's advance. Obviously the front foot is closer and quicker to use in this situation.

It's a basic concept of taekwondo sparring that front leg kicks are generally less powerful but quicker.

Part 4 Cornering your Opponent

This is our daughter Leah in action!

See how she makes great use of her long legs by attacking and pushing her opponent into the corner?

Then she keeps the pressure on by staying right on top of her.

As her opponent escapes sideways Leah takes her chance to score.

Part 5 Counter Taekwondo Roundhouse Kick

Watch the taekwondo competitor in red.

See how he evades the head kick by leaning backwards?

And then he shows fantastic timing to nail a back leg roundhouse. That one would have hurt!

Part 6 Back Kick Counter

Again our friend in red shows great defensive timing.

He sees the kick coming and spins quickly to evade the technique and throw a back kick. It's not absolutely on target but the timing is perfect.

This is a great technique to have in your arsenal!

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