Taekwondo Sparring benefits are there for you to take - you just have to face the challenge!

On this page we explain the taekwondo sparring benefits you could enjoy...

...if you are brave enough to take up the challenge.

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Why put yourself through it?

It's not easy to stand in a ring and face someone who is planning to kick and punch you.

And believe us we know it's scary...

...because we've been there for the past 5 years.

And we're still there. At sparring class.

Every week.

So why do we do it if it's so scary?


...you can learn fancy taekwondo kicks and strikes that look really cool.

But unless you spar against a real opponent you don't know if your techniques are any good.

And more to the point you don't know if YOU are cool enough to use those cool techniques in the face of a physical attack.

We see people do fantastic jumping and spinning kicking techniques...

...and then they go into a taekwondo sparring ring... and they take a pasting.

Why's that?...

Because they haven't learned to cope with the pressure of combat.

Without training, in the face of physical attack, most people usually either freeze or panic.

Neither is much use.

taekwondo sparring benefits self confidence

One of the great taekwondo sparring benefits is that through training you learn to stay calm under pressure.

To focus your mind.

And to use your techniques effectively...and with self control.

You learn to control your fear- so your self confidence builds and you find it easier to face new challenges in life.

You learn to control your anger. And if you control your anger you can think clearly and you are less likely to act rashly and do things you later regret.

You learn to control your ego. When you get beaten you realize there's lots you don't know. And once you drop your ego you are open to learning new things.

And so you learn humility. And you get a realistic handle on your own importance- which is nice for everyone around you!

Are there any other taekwondo sparring benefits?

taekwondo sparring benefits, taekwondo sparring, taekwondo


There's fitness, fitness and fitness!

One summer we did a 3 day taekwondo sparring camp with Master Chris Sawyerr of FiSTS taekwondo in London.

We did three 2-hour taekwondo sparring training sessions each day for three days. It was incredible! We were exhausted by the end.

But fitter than we have ever been in our whole lives.

Training for tkd sparring gives you amazing all round body fitness. You develop aerobic and anaerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. We have found nothing quite like it!

And the last of the taekwondo sparring benefits we enjoy?...

...is relaxation.

Taekwondo sparring is a great de-stressor! The feeling we get after a tough sparring session is like no other taekwondo training session.

We feel physically tired and mentally on a high, without a care in the world.

It's great!!

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