Taekwondo sidekick - You can develop great taekwondo technique and POWER

Taekwondo sidekick is one of the most powerful strikes in martial arts.

Use it for breaking and you impress grading panels.

And if you get anywhere close to perfecting your sidekick your taekwondo patterns look awesome!

On this page we break the technique down so you get it right from the very start.

We also explain how to generate power with your taekwondo side-kick.

Taekwondo beginner? - start learning taekwondo side kick here

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The Korean name for tkd side-kick is Yop Chagi.

First you need to understand that you strike with the blade of your foot.

The blade is the outside edge of your foot.

So as your taekwondo side kick comes through the target, the sole of your foot is facing as much towards the ground as you can manage.

Think... 'Big toe up. Little toes down.'

taekwondo sidekick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo

OK. Now practice your taekwondo kick slowly.

It can help to hold a wall for balance.

Stand sideways on to the target and lift the knee of your front leg.

Then stop and think about your kicking foot.

Your ankle should be flexed. And the blade of your foot should be ready to strike.

Next drive your knee out towards the target. Extend your leg fully.

Then bend your knee again. Before you place your foot to the ground.

Great! That's the basic taekwondo side-kick

OK so far? Here's some more detail to help perfect your side-kick.

taekwondo sidekick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo

The key is in your standing foot!

This is so important we're going to say it again.

The key is in your standing foot!

Here's why...

To do a taekwondo sidekick properly you must turn your standing foot through 180'.

This means that when you strike the target the toes of your standing foot point backwards.

In this photo Leah is part way through her taekwondo side-kick. Her bottom foot is turning as she extends her leg.

You need to turn your standing foot for two reasons.

Firstly the turn allows your hips to open up so your foot can strike the target in the correct position.

And secondly it's the turn of your standing foot that creates the power in taekwondo sidekick.

As your foot turns you can push off it. This lets you use your powerful hip, bum and core muscles to drive your kicking foot out.

So you turn power from the ground into power going forwards into the kick.

Keep your knee up! It's important to keep your knee high throughout your sidekick.

So if you lift your knee to waist height at the beginning, your knee should be waist height when your foot is on the target, and waist height when you re-chamber your leg.

If you let your knee drop your taekwondo kick will not go horizontally through the target.

Also if your foot is higher than your knee you put strain on your knee and your back.

taekwondo sidekick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo

And once you've got a good handle on your taekwondo side-kick technique.

Hip mobility and hip strength are the two things to work on to improve your taekwondo sidekick.

Send us a photo if you get anywhere near this level! And we'll put you up on our site!

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