Do you know how to deal with a grab?
Sharpen your taekwondo self defense skills here.

Lets face it - we all start with out with pretty limited taekwondo self defense skills.

Most people naturally shield themselves and freeze.

And that's where we were a few years ago!

We find the more we train in taekwondo the more we learn.

Now we can kick, block and strike.

And our timing, awareness and ability to cope with confrontation are much better.

Here's some specialist self defense we learned in Korea.

Taekwondo self defense against grabs

taekwondo self defense,self defense techniques,taekwondo

This series of photos we took in Korea demonstrate one way of dealing with a grab to your sleeve.

These self defense techniques could work equally well for a wrist or shoulder grab.

The first photo shows you how to put your hand over the attacker's hand.

Your thumb is behind their thumb and your are fingers under the fleshy part of their hand by the little finger.

taekwondo self defense,self defense techniques,taekwondo

Once you've got the grip right then simple rotation forces the attacker to release the grab.

From there you can bring the attacker's hand into your body to control them.

taekwondo self defense,self defense techniques,taekwondo

Your next self defense move is to continue to rotate the attacker's wrist and put pressure on the triceps tendon.

The attacker bends forwards to try to relieve the pressure.

This puts the attacker off balance and therefore vulnerable.

taekwondo self defense,self defense techniques,taekwondo

Now you can step into the space between their arm and body.

And from here you could just drop your weight down and the attacker would hit the floor pretty fast!

The photos show how your tkd self defense starts with simple basics.

And builds to complex techniques.

And there's nothing magic about this. You just need to take the time to learn the taekwondo techniques.

And then test them under controlled conditions during your taekwondo training sessions.

And there's self defense for children here.

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