IMT Taekwondo School has a new home

taekwondo school, martial arts center,taekwondo

I wonder if the students at IMT taekwondo school know how lucky they are?

To train in a dedicated dojang is a privilege in itself.

But to have a facility of the calibre of Empower Fitness and Martial Arts Center is something very special indeed.

taekwondo school,martial arts center,taekwondo

The main focus of the center is a huge martial arts area surrounded with kick bags.

There's heaps of space to move!

It would take a very large class to fill the mats.

There's also a fitness area with exercise machines and weights.

The range of classes on offer is fantastic. There's several sessions of taekwondo each week to suit every level of ability - including a Saturday morning family class which appeals to us.

Or if hapkido is more your thing - Empower is now the new home of Northern Beaches Hapkido.

And if you're looking to boost your fitness Anne Mouland-Claassens runs an incredible mix of classes each week.

taekwondo school,martial arts center,taekwondo

The grand opening kicked off with the traditional cutting of the ribbon.

But not with scissors! After all this is a martial arts center.

Instead kumdo Master Jang opened the centre with a couple of swishes of his shining sword.

aboriginal cleansing ceremony

'Uncle Max' carried out an Aboriginal Cleansing Ceremony to make sure only good spirits reside at Empower taekwondo school.

And once inside we were treated to a fabulous display of strong spirit.

The kumdo, taekwondo and hapkido demonstrations were all first class and a pleasure to watch.

It was especially warming to see how the Masters interacted with their students.

You could see from the teachers' smiling faces that they were clearly proud of each and every one of their students, whatever their level.

For us, this is a sure sign of a great instructor.

taekwondo school,martial arts center,taekwondo

How have Master Ron and Anne Claassens achieved their 30 year ambition of having a dedicated martial arts center?

They've done what it always takes to get over tough hurdles.

They've put in hours and hours of hard work backed up with the determination to succeed.

They have persevered thorough bureaucratic red tape and long, hot days of gruelling work to bring their students a world class facility.

It's great to finally see them smiling in front of the red tape of their new center.

They deserve every success.

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