Taekwondo Red Belt - Red is for Danger

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  • We explain what your taekwondo red belt represents.
  • We give you training tips for working towards your taekwondo black belt.
  • And we talk about handling some of the pressure you might face as a senior grade.

Your taekwondo red belt represents danger.

There are 2 kinds of danger here.

The first is your ego. Some red belts get a little over confident to say the least(!) They are by now quite skilled in their taekwondo and this can make them think they are better and more important than they really are.

Ego is a problem because it makes you less open to learning new things and more prone to losing self-control and causing harm to others.

So if you feel your ego rise... try to reign it in.

The second danger is the danger of quitting. Lots of people quit around green belt. And another huge batch seem to give up around red belt.

There are lots of reasons why this happens. Sometimes it's fear of taking the final steps to black belt - a fear of success itself. And sometimes it's boredom and failing to find the persistence to push through the final stages.

Once you reach taekwondo red belt your relationship with your instructor will probably change. Most instructors push red belts hard and stop giving so much help.

It seems tough - but what they are doing is teaching you to find your own way forward. You have to start thinking for yourself and find your own ways of training both inside and outside the Dojang.

Red Belt Patterns

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For red belt the taekwondo patterns move up another level.

Instructors are now looking for power combined with relaxation in your techniques.

And of course by now you know where your weak areas are. You just need to work on them.

Here's help with WTF taekwondo patterns taegeuk-chil-jang (taegeuk 7) and taegeuk-pal-jang (taegeuk 8).

If you're training in ITF taekwondo here's help with Hwa Rang your red belt tul and Choong Moo your black stripe pattern.

And here's 10 great tips to help you remember your taekwondo forms.

Sparring at red belt level

Once you reach red belt level your instructor is likely to put you under a bit more pressure with your taekwondo sparring.

You'll be asked to fight tougher opponents and you will spar against multiple attackers.

This is a test of whether you can stay calm under pressure. Coping with emotions like fear and anger and thinking clearly are the kind of qualities you need to build if you're going to make it to black belt.

As always ... have faith in yourself. Remember you have faced lots of similar hurdles before.

Dealing with the pressure

It goes without saying that your taekwondo red belt brings pressure with it.

You're working towards the front row of the dojang. Fellow students expect you to be good and look up to you as a role model. You have to fill those shoes.

There will be days where it's hard to live up to your belt. Days when a junior grade does better kicks than you. And days when you forget a pattern you know inside out.

In time you'll find out how to deal with this. You'll learn to give off a self-confident attitude but without ego. Trust yourself.

And don't be too hard on yourself if you find this time tough - everyone does. Keep training and keep learning from your mistakes and in time you will find your black belt attitude appears all on it's own.

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