the origins of taekwondo poomse...and why it's good to learn your taekwondo patterns

Do you learn your taekwondo poomse in a rush before each belt test?

Do you find learning your taekwondo patterns a pain because you'd rather be sparring?

Or do you love taekwondo forms and want to know more about the benefits they can bring you?

Here's where we explore the history, purpose and benefits of tkd poomse.

the history of poomse

taekwondo poomse sidekick Kukkiwon demo team

Taekwondo is a martial art. And through martial arts ancient armies learned to fight.

One problem with teaching an army? You can't give much individual attention!

One solution...

...get everyone to do the same moves at the same time.

Then get them to do those moves over and over again until they are second nature.

And bingo! Your army is trained.

And the origins of taekwondo poomse are laid down.

In the early days taekwondo forms would not have been pretty! They would have involved brutal techniques practiced with lots of force.

so the point of taekwondo patterns today is...?

taekwondo poomse for children

...much like the whole of martial arts today.

Learning taekwondo patterns is more to do with your personal development.

And your mental and physical health.

Practicing tkd poomse is great exercise.

If you perform a pattern well you are out of breath at the end. And you work your whole body from top to toe.

The moves get progressively more complicated as you make your way up the belt system. You learn to co-ordinate your body. And at the same time you remember more and more moves.

This combination is great for your mental sharpness.

And as you practice your taekwondo techniques over and over again. You quite simply...

...get better. And as your techniques improve. Every aspect of your taekwondo improves.

Great basics build great martial artists.

And when you've been training a while...'ll find practicing taekwondo poomse becomes relaxing.

Once the moves are locked into your muscle memory they become second-nature. And working through your patterns becomes a form of meditation.

And at the end of the training session you feel.




And ready to face your next challenge!

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