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Ki Cho Patterns - The Basics

This is the starting point for most taekwondo students when learning patterns.

Its an easy format to get you started with performing basic techniques in 4 directions. It may seem tricky at first but with practice you will get there.

We all had to start somewhere!

Ki Cho Il Bu Basic Pattern 1

Ki Cho E Bu Basic Pattern 2

Ki Cho Sam Bu Basic Pattern 3

WTF taekwondo patterns

The WTF taegeuks are based on the fighting style of WTF taekwondo. So stances are short and upright and techniques are fast.

taekwondo patterns, taekwondo forms, taekwondo poomse, taekwondo

Click on the pattern you are learning for our free, slow motion video. Perfect for beginners.

taegeuk-il-jang (taegeuk 1)

taegeuk-e-jang (taegeuk 2)

taegeuk-sam-jang (taegeuk 3)

taegeuk-sah-jang (taegeuk 4)

taegeuk-oh-jang (taegeuk 5)

taegeuk-yuk-jang (taegeuk 6)

taegeuk-chil-jang (taegeuk 7)

taegeuk-pal-jang (taegeuk 8)

ITF tae kwon do patterns

The ITF forms are more traditional. The stances are longer and the moves are performed strongly.

More Patterns Help

Do you learn best from a book? Here's our guide to the best illustrated taekwondo forms around.

Or do you learn best by moving? Here's how to get the best results from our tkd patterns downloads.

Do you forget your patterns easily? Here's a great page of tips to help you remember your taekwondo forms.

Or are you lacking motivation? Here's the history of taekwondo poomse and why learning your patterns helps you grow as a martial artist.

Click on the pattern you are learning for a free video and full written instructions.

Your yellow stripe pattern Chon-Ji

Your yellow belt pattern Dan-Gun

Your green stripe pattern Do-San

Your green belt pattern Won-Hyo

Your blue stripe pattern Yul-Gok

Your blue belt pattern Joong-Gun

Your red stripe pattern Toi-Gye

Your red belt pattern Hwa-Rang

Your black stripe pattern Choong-Moo

General information about the itf taekwondo patterns

Traditional Patterns, Tang Soo Do Forms (Moo Do Kwan Taekwondo)

taekwondo chamber, taekwondo kicks, taekwondo

These forms are very exhilarating to perform and watch. If you study tang soo do you will learn these traditional patterns.

As always we include free videos of each pattern to help you learn.

Pyun Ahn Cho Dan

Pyun Ahn E Dan

Pyun Ahn Sam Dan

Pyun Ahn Sah Dan

Pyun Ahn Oh Dan


Nai Han Chi Cho Dan

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And if you want to see what you're aiming towards...

...take a look at this great video footage from Korea of poomse-chonkwon. Enjoy!

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