Free Taekwondo Patterns Downloads To Help You Learn

Here at taekwondo we are passionate about helping you with your taekwondo journey.

So we offer free taekwondo patterns downloads and written instructions for your WTF and ITF and Tang Soo Do forms.

And we explain how you can get the best from our free downloads - so learning your poomse becomes a breeze!

Here's an example of one of our free taekwondo patterns videos. For the full list of our taekwondo patterns downloads head here.

You'll see that Deb does the form really slowly so you can follow each move.

At first just follow along with the video to get the moves in your head. This will take a little while... so be patient with yourself.

Do the pattern for a few minutes each day. Maybe just walk the form through each time you turn on your PC.

Then... once you think you have the moves down... test yourself.

Walk to the other side of the room, turn to face a different direction and go through it again. Do you still know it?

Great... OK. Now do it with your eyes closed.

Still OK?

Well done. Now you're ready to refine your taekwondo poomse.

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Spend a few days working on your stances. You can even do the pattern with your arms by your sides.

Are you doing walking stance, long stance and back stance in the right places? If you're not sure check our taekwondo basics page.

Now look at your blocks and strikes. Are you confident your chambers are right?

If you need some revision here's our pages on taekwondo strikes and taekwondo blocks It can really sharpen your poomse if you take some time out to work on these basics.

And of course your kicks. Are you chambering right? Are you kicking with the correct part of your foot? Head here for taekwondo kicks help.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? That's because you want to learn it all at once. And of course that's impossible!

Welcome to taekwondo... it's difficult and it takes years of patient practise to get any good.

So don't look too far ahead. Just learn a little bit at a time. Be patient. And then smile when your pattern starts to come together :-)

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