Taekwondo moves what are your favorites?

Your basic taekwondo move such as stances, blocks and strikes are on this page.

If you're looking for help with Taekwondo kicks go here

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First the stances.

Your stance is your base on the ground. Your connection with the earth. Your grounding.

Get your stances strong and solid. And everything moves up from a stable base.

The most important stances are.

Horse riding stance. A solid, symmetrical stance.

Walking stance.

Front or long-forward stance.

Back stance. The coolest looking one!

And tiger or cat stance.

We've put together a page of video and photos showing the stances. With lots of tips on getting them just right.

Taekwondo blocks- learn how to make yours strong

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Blocks are strong tkd moves designed to stop attacks like punches or kicks from hitting your body or head.

To be effective taekwondo blocks have to be fast. Strong. And well timed.

There's a blocking arm. And a chambering arm. The two arms give an action and reaction. They counter each other. And allow us bring body strength into the block.

Ultimately two arms working together make the block stronger.

It's also important that there is a twist on the end of each block. This twist also brings more power to the technique.

Want to know more? Here's a great page of taekwondo blocks with video, pictures and tips to help you master them.

Taekwondo strikes- how to use your hands and arms with power

tkd moves middle punch,taekwondo basics,tkd,taekwondo

Taekwondo is not just about cool kicks!

Taekwondo is the way of the hand and foot. And hand strikes are an important part of your taekwondo.

Kicks are fine when you're at the right distance. But if your attacker is at close range. You'll need to use your hands.

Learning to punch well is the first stage. A strong, fast, powerful and accurate punch is a great weapon in self-defense.

Other taekwondo strikes include knife-hands, back-fists and ridge-hand strikes.

To help you understand strikes and punches better we've put together instructions, video and photos here

Help with kicks

Help with strikes

Help with stances

Help with blocks

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