What makes a great taekwondo logo?

When it comes to designing a taekwondo logo... simple is definitely best!

A well designed logo is instantly recognizable, gets across the core values of your business and is often the starting point for your stationary and website design.

It's worth taking the time to get your logo right - it says a lot about your company!

taekwondo logo,martial arts logo,taekwondo

Here's an example of a great martial arts logo. First of all it's simple and memorable.

The image represents the changing, fluid and expanding nature of a true martial artist. The red color is bold and striking. It looks professional and clean. And it gives a great first impression.

taekwondo logo,martial arts logo,taekwondo

And of course the WTF logo is also a classic.

Again the design is clean and professional. The bright colors work really well.

The image it projects is of a sporting professional body - perfect!

taekwondo logo,martial arts logo,taekwondo

Here's another great logo design. A German taekwondo school and cleverly uses the colors from the German flag.

Once again the image of a kicker gives a great athletic feel.

We would advise anyone setting up a taekwondo school or website to consider getting a professional logo design done.

It may cost a few hundred dollars but it really is a worthwhile investment. It's the starting block for your website design and the professional image of your business.

Lots of people shop around on-line for clubs these days. If your site has a poor look and feel... there's every chance they'll click the back button real fast!

When you hire a designer ask them if they will revise the design for free if you don't like it. Also try to give them as much information as you can to help them get the look and feel you are after.

For example if you really don't want blue in your design... tell them. Also think about who you want to appeal to. Are you a family club or a fighting club?

taekwondo logo,martial arts logo,taekwondo

Also think carefully about what you are going to do with your logo.

Lots of designs are quite fussy - so reproducing them on club track suits or t-shirts can be difficult.

This logo definitely isn't fussy! It was used in the Beijing Olympics to represent taekwondo.

Do you think it's maybe too simple?

taekwondo logo,martial arts logo,taekwondo

And of course your target market is important.

Getting a good cartoon desinged for the children's pages of your website can really help to attract families and teenagers.

And if you're lucky the parents will follow the kids into martial arts...

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