Taekwondo Kids - here's our A-Z of children in taekwondo

Over the years we've trained with many, many taekwondo kids.

It's fantastic to watch them change in front of our eyes.

To see them become fit. And confident.

Become tough and strong. Yet gentle and kind.

Learn discipline. And cool kicks.

And best of all. Have fun!

A.... is for Attention. Taekwondo kids learn to pay attention.

For them to learn complicated taekwondo kicks and moves. They must concentrate hard. And so their attention span gets longer. And longer.

They learn to be still. And really listen. And of course their school teachers welcome the change!

B.... is for Behavior. Good Behavior.

Kids in taekwondo learn great taekwondo principles. Like courtesy and self-control. They learn to behave well in the taekwondo dojang. And in life.

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C.... is for Confident. Kids training in taekwondo become confident.

As they strive to reach tough goals. Perform taekwondo patterns in front of the class. And break through wooden boards.

We see self-confidence grow slowly inside them.

They start to believe in themselves. And it shines through in everything they do. They walk with their heads high. Speak clearly in front of the class. And chat easily to grown-ups.

D.... is for Discipline.

There's two parts to this.

Firstly. Taekwondo kids learn to do as they are told. They come to understand that if they want to get better. And do great taekwondo kicks. They have to be quiet. And listen. And follow the instructions they are given.

Children in taekwondo also learn self-discipline. They learn that if they want to be good at taekwondo. Or anything worthwhile but difficult. They have to push themselves. And focus.

They have to turn up for training. Every week. And give their best.

Even when they don't feel like it.

E.... is for Energy.

Kids have so much of it. They can run and play all day. And still be up for a game of football in the evening.

We love to see taekwondo kids using this energy. Harvesting it. And putting it to good use. And getting great results.

F... is for Fitness.

Training in taekwondo gets kids fit. They run, jump, kick and punch. They do push-ups and sit-ups. And they stretch and stay flexible. And benefit from all round taekwondo fitness.

G....is for Gentle.

We bet you didn't expect to see that in our A-Z! Do you associate taekwondo with being gentle?

We think being gentle is a hugely important part of martial arts.

We find the best taekwondo instructors are gentle. And in turn their students learn to be gentle. And patient. Especially when teaching younger kids.

H.... is for Happy!

If you watch a taekwondo class. You'll see happy kids. They just love it!

I.... is for Individuals.

Children in taekwondo learn that everyone is different. That everyone learns at their own pace. And that everyone is good at something.

They learn to respect themselves as individuals. For who they are.

And to respect their class-mates. For who they are.

taekwondo kids,childrens taekwondo,taekwondo

J.... is for Justice. Peace and Justice.

Taekwondo kids are encouraged to become champions of peace and justice. Young people who stand up for what's right. And help the weak. Even if this doesn't make them popular at the time.

K....is for Kicks! Cool Kicks!

Taekwondo is a kicking martial art. And kids in taekwondo quickly learn the basics. Then move on to do fabulous spinning and jumping kicks. Which are great fun to watch. And great fun to do.

And because they are kids. They can really throw themselves into their techniques. Because when they fall they don't hurt themselves. (Of course we're not jealous! Well maybe a little!)

L....is for Like. Taekwondo Kids Like themselves.

Taekwondo helps kids to get fit. And feel and look healthy and well. And tkd kids work hard to achieve tough goals. And are proud of what they achieve.

All this helps kids to think good things about themselves. Which builds self-esteem.

M....is for Motivated. Children in taekwondo become motivated to do well. To achieve their goals. To be as good as the great role-models they train with.

N....is for nurtured. We see great taekwondo instructors and senior students really nurture the kids in their classes. Support them through difficult times. And be really proud of their successes. And in turn children in taekwondo learn to nurture younger kids.

O....is for opportunity. There are fantastic opportunities out there for kids in taekwondo. They can learn to teach. And test themselves in competitions.

They can travel overseas for seminars. Or training tours. See a bit of the world. And learn about other cultures. Which broadens their horizons.

They can meet great people. Fit, healthy, motivated people. Fantastic people for children to be around.

P...is for Perseverance.

Taekwondo kids know the power of perseverance. They learn that if they want to succeed. At something difficult but worthwhile.

Then they'll have to keep trying. And face failure. And not give up when things are hard. But keep on and on trying and trying. Until. In the end. They get there.

Q....is for Quiet. We've noticed that children in the taekwondo Dojang learn how to be quiet. How to stop talking. And how to sit quietly and listen. And be open to new ideas.

R....is for Respect. A huge part of martial arts training. Taekwondo kids learn to respect their instructor. Their martial art. Their fellow students. And themselves.

S....is for Self-control. When tkd kids learn very powerful techniques. They also learn about self-control. They learn never to misuse their taekwondo.

At first this is because their instructor tells them not to. But in time they realise they don't need to. Because as kids train in taekwondo they become more confident in themselves. And more peaceful inside. So they find there is no need to lose control. And shout. Or kick. Or punch.

taekwondo kids,childrens taekwondo,taekwondo

T....is for Tough!

Taekwondo kids become tough! They face tough challenges in their training. Like full-contact sparring. Where they have to come through fear. And take a few knocks. And get back up. And keep going.

This prepares them for life.

Which as we all know.

Is tough!

U....is for United.

We watch children in taekwondo become strong, united teams. As they train together. And support each other. They learn about teamwork.

And they learn that by working as a team. They can achieve more. Much, much more. Than they ever could on their own.

V....is for Very Very Calm.

Given time in tkd. We notice a definite calmness descend on taekwondo kids. They become happy. And peaceful in their own skins. With a quiet assured self-confidence. It's lovely to see.

W....is for Wise. Street-Wise.

Through taekwondo self defense training. Children learn about dangerous situations. They learn how to stay out of trouble. And avoid arguments.

And they learn good ways to deal with confrontation. How to diffuse other peoples' anger without backing down. And how to defend themselves if they really have to.

X....is for eXcellence!

Being good at something. Striving to be the best you can be. And lots of children in taekwondo reach fantastic heights.

We think this is especially important for kids who maybe aren't doing well with school work. It's so good for them to have something worthwhile that they excel at. So they can feel proud of themselves.

Y....is for Yes!

Kids in taekwondo learn to say Yes. They learn to take on new challenges. Try new things. Push themselves out of their comfort zones. And in doing so. They keep growing!

And finally.

Z....is for Zest. Zest for life! Brilliant to see in taekwondo kids of all ages!

Even the grown up ones!

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