Taekwondo kicks! Are you ready to master yours?

Do you love taekwondo kicks?

Do you want to learn to kick with speed, power and good technique?

And yet still stay relaxed and graceful?

Here's our guide to great tkd kicks.

Taekwondo roundhouse kick - Your versatile weapon

roundhouse kick, taekwondo kicks, taekwondo

You have to learn this one!

With a good taekwondo turning kick.

You can break boards with power.

You can show great control in poomse.

And you can score lightning fast points in sparring.

It really is the most versatile of the tkd kicks!

Start to perfect your roundhouse kick here!

And if your turning kick is already good?

Here's some tips for spin kicks.

If you're an advanced student, check out how to deliver a 540 roundhouse kick (also known as the powerful tornado kick) here

Front Kick

front kick, taekwondo kicks, taekwondo

Front kick - just bend your knee and kick right?

Yes that's right...

At least at first!

Lift your knee towards the target.

Then let your foot go.

BAM! Hit that target.

Then bend your knee off.

And that's it!

You've done a front kick.

Is it really that simple?

Well maybe there's a bit more to it...

Here's how you head towards a tkd font kick like this!

Push Kick - Create Space

Backed into a corner?

... Then you will need to learn and practice the push kick. This is one of the first kicks you'll learn after the Front Kick.

The difference is all in the knee lift and foot placement.

Head here for instructions on the Push Kick

Taekwondo back kick 'Tricky to learn Devastating when you do it well!'

taekwondo back kick, taekwondo kicks, taekwondo

Learning to turn your body round through 180' while your leg moves in a straight line is not easy!

It takes time, patience, and practice to get tkd back kick right.

It's worth it though!

If you do it well your taekwondo back-kick will create enormous power. A great feeling!

Here's some tips to help you start your back kick on the right road.

And if your back kick is going OK here's some tips for jump kicks (including jump back kick).

Taekwondo axe kick Chop through a board as high as your head!

axe kick, taekwondo kicks, taekwondo

Taekwondo axe kick is great if you want to do spectacular breaks.

Nothing beats the exhilaration of chopping through a board held as high your head!

It's also a pretty formidable weapon in taekwondo sparring.

Perfect your basic axe-kick technique here.

Once you get your Axe kick down you will be ready to learn the Inside and Outside Crescent Kicks below.

Crescent Kicks - More range then the Axe Kick

The Crescent kicks are versatile and great in combinations with spinning kicks.

If you have mastered the Axe Kick the Crescent kicks will come easy for you.

All you need is to keep stretching and strive for good hip flexibility.

See instructions for the Inside and Outside Crescent kicks here

Taekwondo sidekick- 'the POWER is in your technique'

side kick, taekwondo kicks, taekwondo

A good tkd sidekick is a fantastically powerful weapon to have in your collection.

But to generate power you have to learn the correct technique.

And of all the basic taekwondo kicks, sidekick will probably take you the longest to get close to mastering.

Learning how to turn your foot to generate power takes lots and lots of time.

Our advice?...

Persevere. Because...

Taekwondo sidekick is an amazing technique to nail if you can.

Hook Kicks - Disguise your technique

The Hook kicks are great because they are not always easy to read.

Whether you are flicking your front leg hookup to fake an opponent or packing the power in the spin hook, there is always a great follow up.

Head here for help on learning Hook Kicks

The roundhouse kick is a great pre or post follow up kick and since its uncomplicated and one of the first kicks we learn, you can deliver it fast.

Want to learn more?

Here's a short video that will help you learn and understand your kicks straight from Korea!

And if you are looking to improve what you already know? Here's our 10 top tips for getting your tkd kicks higher, faster and stronger.

Do you love taekwondo kicks?

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