do spinning taekwondo kicks make you dizzy?

On this page an instructional video from Korea to help you understand the basics of tornado kick.

We give you some great tips to help you start learning taekwondo spin kicks.

And we include we show you some great footage of advanced spinning taekwondo kicks to inspire and motivate you.

Note in this tornado kick video how the teacher really emphasizes how important it is to use turn your hips- which is of course the basic of a good roundhouse kick.

Tt's important to learn good basic kicking technique first before you start to jump and spin.

When you first start learning tkd spin kicks you need to learn to spin without getting dizzy. And without losing your balance.

Try to these basic steps to start you out in the right way.

Stand in a relaxed fighting stance with one foot behind the other. If possible stand on a line in the floor - you can then follow this line as you move.

Now look forwards at a spot on the front wall.

Start by stepping your back foot round in front of your body and onto the line - so you back foot is now your front foot. Keep your hips in line with your foot so your body turns and keep looking at the front wall.

Now keep turning the same way and step your back foot round behind you onto the line so it becomes the front foot.

This time you can't keep looking at the wall all the way through - so practise turning your head quickly so you look back at the front wall as soon as you can.

Work on these basic steps until you can move easily up and down the Dojang without getting dizzy.

Once you've got that nailed you can do it with a jump- step your first foot round but don't put it down. And jump round to complete the turn.

The video above shows some pretty impressive spinning tkd kicks from the Kukkiwon team in Korea. It takes a long time to reach this kind of standard!

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