Taekwondo Kicks - Jump for joy here!

On this page we cover jump taekwondo kicks.

We explain how to start learning jump kicks.

And we show you some amazing photos and video to inspire you.

to do cool jump tkd kicks... you need to learn to jump first!

The key to any taekwondo jump kick...

... is learning how to jump.

You need to bend your legs and then use the powerful muscles in your thighs and butt to drive you up into the air.

Relax your body, and let your legs work.

Don't try to drive the jump from you upper body.

To get better at jumping...

...you have to practise.

You can jump over block pads or a person crouched on the floor.

Land lightly so your energy goes back up into the next jump.

If you land heavily you lose power.

And once you can jump?...

...adding the kick is relatively easy!

next add in your kick

Lots of taekwondo beginners make the mistake of not chambering right when they start learning jump kicks.

It's important to remember your basic taekwondo kicking technique when you start learning jump kicks.

Did you watch the video at the top of this page?

Pretty impressive eh?

The first kick in the sequence is a double jump front kick. This is two front kicks at the same time in mid air.

If you watch again you'll see the kicker jumps up into a 'cowboy' position first. This is where he is in a tuck jump position but with his knees apart.

And from there when he is pretty much at maximum height he flicks his kicks out.

He then re-chambers to land safely.

Many beginners try to jump with straight legs. Not a good look!

Jump back kick is one of the great kicks to use in sparring.

When we were in Korea we learned a great technique for jump back kick.

A Korean taekwondo Master at Chung Cheong University told us to think of switching on the spot- like in taekwondo sparring.

And then he told us to switch with a tuck jump... And then add the kick.

We find if we concentrate on putting our front foot where our back foot was. And then let the kick flow- our jump back kick seems to come out OK.

A great breakthrough for us from a simple tip!

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