taekwondo instructors great athletes great motivators
great role models

Taekwondo instructors are great people.

They reach amazing standards in taekwondo.

And work incredibly hard to help their students to do the same.

how do you choose a taekwondo instructor?

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We think it's very important you find your instructor approachable.

You need to be comfortable with them. And happy to talk to them.

And feel that you can ask them advice about any aspect of your taekwondo training.

We think this first point is very important. Because if you are going to make it to taekwondo black belt and beyond.

You'll spend a lot of time with your tkd instructor. And you need to get along.

We feel very strongly that you should not feel intimidated by any martial arts instructor.

We also think it's important that tkd instructors are at a high standard in their own taekwondo. And are experienced.

We've been so lucky. We've trained with some wonderful martial arts instructors. In the UK, Australia and Korea.

And we've benefited massively from the huge experience of taekwondo Masters.

A good instructor will also be highly motivated. And enthusiastic.

Taekwondo training is hard at times. And when tkd gets tough. An enthusiastic, happy instructor is a great role model. To help you keep going.

This page on choosing a taekwondo school might also help you.

great tkd instructors care about their students

taekwondo instructors,martial arts instructor,taekwondo

Great martial arts instructors care about each and every student.

It's obvious if your tkd instructor wants you to do well. And is proud of your achievements.

We've found that every time we've passed a taekwondo belt test. Our instructor has been over the moon. We can tell from the wide smile. That they are so proud of what we've achieved. And that is important to us.

We think your instructor should show you respect.

We found that even when we were white belt students. Taekwondo Masters showed us respect.

They smiled. Said Hello. Shook our hands. And made us welcome. And we think that's important.

And if you have an injury. It's important that your instructor respects that. And helps you take care of it.

And before you sign up for yourself or your child. A good taekwondo instructor will let you watch a class or two.

So that you can be sure that you're happy with everything. And be sure that your children will be happy and safe.

And lastly it's great to have a taekwondo instructor who's fun!

what your martial arts instructor will expect from you

In return for all of this.

Your instructor will expect some things from you.

Firstly loyalty.

It's important that once you choose a taekwondo school. You stay loyal to that school. It's not the done thing to train at two schools in the area at the same time unless your instructor knows about it.

Being a taekwondo instructor is generally not well paid. So it's important to pay your fees on time.

And it's polite to let your instructor know if you can't make training.

If you can remember the Korean for instructor. Sah Bom Nim. That's good.

Your taekwondo instructor will expect you to have a positive attitude towards your training. And to give 100% to every session.

They will hope that you have an open mind. So you can take on board new information.

And finally. Instructors will want you to show respect.

Respect for taekwondo.

Respect for your fellow students.

And respect for yourself.

And we've found the best taekwondo instructors don't demand respect from you.

They just quietly earn respect.

By being great teachers.

And great martial artists.

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