taekwondo hook kick

by Tristen
(Jacksonville, NC)

Taekwondo Hook Kick

Taekwondo Hook Kick

The taekwondo hook kick is my all-time favorite just based on the sheer power and speed it creates when you master the technique.

It's just as fast and versatile as the turning kick if used correctly and when they're used together in a combo, its sure to land on your opponent.

The power and speed it generates from momentum is incredible. Any form of the hook kick such as the jump hook, spinning hook, jump spinning hook are advanced kicks that many WTF students use for knockouts.

Deb's response

Thanks Tristen. For those who don't know I thought I would describe what a taekwondo hook kick is.

It's a bit like a roundhouse or turning kick in reverse. The impact is sideways like a turning kick, but in hook-kick you strike with the sole of your foot or with your heel.

To do this you take your foot just past the target, and then use your hamstring muscle to bend your leg and 'hook' your foot back towards the target.

When you start out try just doing a hookkick off your front foot. Make sure you pivot on your standing foot to create more power and speed and protect your standing knee from twisting.

The photo above is of Master Jason Smith doing a hook in Korea. You will notice that Jason is kicking at head height - as Tristen says taekwondo hook kick is often used for knock outs in sparring.

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